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The Great Vvardenfell Housing Renewal Proposal of 2E 582


The Great Vvardenfell Housing Renewal Proposal of 2E 582

Greetings, Outlanders.

I come to you today to dicuss a dangerous, sickening and flat out scary scourge looming over Vvardenfall during these dark times. It keeps the locals up at night, children & grown mer alike cry at the very mention of it, and even Red Mountain itself seems to tremble in agony at the thought...

Am I talking about the gigantic meteorite, Baar Dau, dangling overhead, threatening to crash at any moment? Of course not. How could that possibly ever go wrong!

A deadly demigod lurking within Red Mountain itself, eager to awaken and devastate all of Morrowind in it's lust for vengeance? Psh! As if...

This world shattering threat that I'm talking about is.....LOCKED DOORS! There's an abundance of the vile creations currently preventing many of Vvardenfell's absolutely gorgeous dwellings from reaching it's potential and TRUE purpose! That purpose, being YOUR luxurious abode!

So today we try and address this plague and perhaps it'll be enough to attract the eyes of our Zenimax overlords to answer our prayers!

The entire basis of this suggestion is to make use solely of assets ALREADY in the game! Ideas that can be turned into reality with MINIMAL effort! Making use of the currently unused, wasting structures already existing in the game world, just waiting for a purpose! I'm talking, slap on a door, copy & paste an interior and VICTORY! So again, everything you are about to see in my suggestion are already in-game, made, and waiting to be loved! And there are lots of examples to show, let's dive in!

So pack your bags and saddle your guars, because first we head to one of the most iconic, and beloved cities in the entire franchise. Balmora!

Balmora Houses

Ah Balmora...Where many a TES fan's adventures truly began to take shape. Molded in it's signature Hlaalu architecture, this iconic city is perhaps one of the most recognizable in the entire franchise. Yet despite it having a place in our hearts, we are refused a place in it's! Let's take a look at some of it's beautiful, but unused homes that can change that.

Balmora Example A
This house can be seen immediately on the right, upon entering the city from the Wayshrine's entrance. It's location a nice combination of convenience & views, being right on the Odai.

Here you can see the entrance to it's patio/courtyard area. Could make for a perfect spot for the load-in door as well, as to include a small outdoor space for buyers.

Another shot showing off the small tiled outdoor enclosure. Perfect for some crafting stations/storage or even an outdoor space for pets/mounts.

The actual locked, unused door. Begging the question what could be, if it only opened up into your very own Balmora paradise.

Balmora Example B
This house also on the Eastern side of the river, is nestled in between the alleys leading out from the main road. A nice alternative to the much more foot traffic heavy Example A at the city's entrance. It's staircase leading up to the property's courtyard.

A shot of said archway entrance to the courtyard. Again, another perfect opportunity to give potential buyers a small outdoor space to enjoy.

And how could they not with a view like that! A shot of the patio area just outside the door.

The actual locked, unused door of the property. It's cold, restricting nature, mocking you.

Balmora Example C
This unique home is the North-Eastern most accesible building inside Balmora's walls. Like Exhibit B, it's located off one of the back alleys, surrounded by a collection of trees.

This is the unique aspect of the home that makes this one so interesting! It appears to have it's own fenced in yard! An absolutely perfect addition for homeowners to exercise that green thumb and enjoy their very own garden! You could easily see it making this home a hot seller. It more then makes up for lacking the small patio/courtyard area the other homes have.

The locked, unused door of this beautiful home. The only thing keeping you from that gorgeous garden, the only thing keeping you from the luxurious confines within and the only thing keeping you.....FROM YOUR DREAMS!

Balmora Example D
Perhaps my favorite exterior of the unused Balmora houses. It's located again, on the Eastern side of the city, situated right on the main road overlooking the Odai River. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, entrance to the courtyard, potentially a perfect spot for the Load-In Door.

Shots of the homes Garden/Courtyard area. Little bit bigger then the other home's outdoor spaces, but still not overwhelming in the slightest. Plenty of room for a nice garden/fountain/etc, with a hell of a view to boot!

The actual locked, unused door to this beauty. Not only does it frustrate you that this lock looks like it was designed for either a toddler or a fully grown Bosmer, but it frustrates you that it's the only thing preventing you from the life you deserve. You DESERVE to sit on this fantastic home's deck, sipping sujamma, watching the sun set over the Odai. But this lock disagrees, and you hate it for that.


Now of course every beautiful exterior comes with a warm, inviting interior! Unless you're talking about some of the cold, judgy & overly blunt mistresses from Desele's House of Earthly Delights. But let's not get hung up on my Fredas nights

Now, sure they could make interiors from scratch, yes. But the whole point of this post is ease of creation, and asking for as little effort as possible! And with so many interior layouts to pick from, a simple copy & paste would do! Here's a couple of my personal favorites of the "Hlaalu" styled interiors, that I think would make perfect Player Owned Homes.

Farano's Boarding House
A nice simple, but well spaced 2 floor layout. The first floor with a good sized living room/dining area with a small pantry behind the stairwell. The second floor boasting a decent sized loft space and 2 seperate bedrooms. Perfect for the basics and a guest room and/or study.

Menaldinion's Clinic
A more open floor plan, boasting nice open areas on both floors with a seperated bedroom on the second floor. A bit smaller then most, but nice, simple and with lots of open space.

Ralaal Residence
Probably my personal favorite layout of all the Hlaalu interiors. Not too big, not too small, with a couple seperated rooms and some open areas. The first floor is a nice sized open foyer/living space with a half walled off kitchen area, on the left side, and a seperated bedroom on the right side.
The second floor is another decent sized loft space, and a really nice L shaped bedroom.
Really love this one, and would be the one I'd personally want to see. Really nice layout.

Randy Netch Inn
Another one of my favorites, and the largest of the layouts suggested here. Enters into a nice Foyer that opens up into a decent sized dining/living space on the first floor. Second floor holds 4, small but seperate bedrooms, giving you the chance to do alot of different stuff between guest rooms, S̶k̶o̶o̶m̶a̶ ̶L̶a̶b̶s̶ , studies, crafting rooms etc.

Lerano's House
A bit on the smaller side, but still a very nice, simple floorplan. Open bottom floor with plenty of room for a kitchen/dining space/living room, with a small loft and single bedroom upstairs. A nice smaller alternative to the somewhat larger existing PoH's in the Hlaalu style atm.

Now it's time to hit the road again! Get comfy in that hollowed out compartment of a frighteningly gigantic insect's back, cause this Silt Strider is headed for Vivec City!

Vivec City Houses

Surely this is just a rest stop, or we are just picking up some supplies for the rest of the trip? After all it's Vivec City! I mean Vehk himself calls this beautiful place home! Surely it isn't also plagued from the same locked doors pandemic? ....Right? WRONG.

Vivec may be one of the most iconic, powerful & mindblowing beings to ever exist, rumored to be capable of understanding & manipulating the very fabrics of reality and existence itself! But unfortunately for us, even a LIVING GOD is no match for the might of the dreaded Locked Doors!

Vivec City in all of it's glory (Seriously, it's a gorgeous, immensely detailed depiction of the city) is littered with these unused, purposeless locked doors.

Perhaps we can use some CHIM creativity of our own and undo the very fabric of reality itself write a post with some suggestions to fix this ourselves!

At the moment, Vivec City currently contains 24 locked, unused doors. TWENTY FOUR! Inside the Cantons, outside the Cantons, they're all over the place! That's not even counting the two in the Fighter's & Mage's Guilds! And each one of these locked & unused doors, like an Argonian, is absolutely revolting to look at!

Don't believe me, take a look! Here is each & every one of them! I warn you however, it's not for the faint of heart:

Yup, that's a lot. Thankfully it's not just an abundance of disappointment and pain, but also an abundance of potential places to call home! No longer should you be restricted to that cramped room at the Inn to truly call yourself a local. Since unlike the other examples, the exteriors are just various doorways, there isn't much to discuss regarding the outsides.

So instead let's focus on the interior layouts. There aren't as many examples to pick from as say it's Hlaalu styled counterparts, but there are a few examples to examine. For example the Fighter's/Mage's Guild's both have an "OK" layout with a basic foyer and a hallway leading to a bedroom downstairs.

Obviously any layout beyond that of a small room would be an improvement over what's currently available. However really something as simple as a floorplan consisting of a decent sized living space and 2-3 seperated bedrooms/hallways would be more then enough to satisy the eager buyer wishing to call Vivec City home.

While complaining about this to you all, I've never had the courage to state these issues directly to Vivec himself. He'd probably understand though, because he also is kind of...TWO FACED! Get it?!? know.....he has..... two different colored faces?

Actually, you know what, nevermind. ON TO SADRITH MORA!

Sadrith Mora Houses

Hope you didn't mind the kind of sudden teleport over, it can make some folk a bit queesy. But if that didn't do the trick I know one thing that is sure to make you sick to your stomache...

You see, House Telvanni partakes in one of the most absolutely disgusting, immoral, and unforgivable practices in Vvardenfell's storied history.

Slavery of the lesser races? Pshhh.

The systematic cycle of blackmail, murder & political warfare? N'wah please!

I'm talking about the allowed presence of LOCKED DOORS!

Sadrith Mora, like many of Vvardenfell's locales is one of the most cherished & unique in the entire series. Yet it too has it's share of locked doors, preventing us from calling these towering feats of Telvanni Arcane brilliance home. Especially painful considering the only other alternative to live in the patented Telvanni style is forever locked away as a time exclusive home! It doesn't have as many unused buildings/doors as say Balmora or Vivec City, in fact it only has two offenders.
However much like the Telvanni's policy regarding minor mistakes made by low ranking retainers, it's two too many & they need to be eviscerated immediately!

Let's take a peak.

Sadrith Mora Example A
This small/medium sized home is located just next to the Guild Traders & Sadrith Mora Wayshrine! Probably the most conviently located house in the entire post!

Here we see the the locked and unused door. Don't you just wish you could tear off these locks & chains, and be granted the freedom to live how you want!
Now you know how those Khajiit slaves 40 feet away from this house feel!

Sadrith Mora Example B
This house is admittedly remarkably similar to the first, but it is indeed a different building, located a little bit down the road. While this one may not have the convenience of the first, it's situated very close to the water's edge for a nice atmosphere.

Yet again, the unused & locked door of the home. It looks down on you and tells you everything you'll never amount to be. Just like your hopefully soon to be Telvanni neighbors will.


Now there isn't alot of examples to look at regarding these smaller variations of Telvanni homes. Outside of the grand, Main Manors, the smaller stonier homes, seem to adopt a variation as found in Reram's House & Nilvon's House

Reram's version has a standard circular foyer/living space, with a side room on the left, and a staircase on the right, that spirals up to a single, circular, decent sized bedroom.

Nilvon's House is similar to the layout found in Reram's House but with some slight differences. It too, opens into the circular foyer, with little variation to it aside from some pillars adorning the center of the room. But on the right side of this room, is a small hallway leading to a side room. On the left side, we have another staircase, except this one spirals downwards into a decent sized basement/bedroom.


I found this place to be a fitting end to our journey, because at the end of the day, you too are indeed a slave. Not perhaps in the literal sense, but a slave to the cold shackles of restricting locked doors, keeping Vvardenfell homes all over the island from reaching their true potentials!

Also..... I didn't bring enough coin with me to cover your share of the passage back to the Vivec with me. Don't look at me like that, these mages are unreasonably pricey!

But don't fret, I'm sure someone around here will help you out! Afterall, the Telvanni are known to be a kind, loving, warm and welcoming people who just love when outsiders ask for help!


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my rants, and hopefully, just maybe, it catches the eyes of someone upstairs! I know with the arrival of Summerset in just a few months, it makes the timing of this a bit awkward, but it's actually that arrival which has spurred me to actually finally make this post. A sort of now or never before the chapter gets forgotten. Especially with the various ESO:Morrowind motifs being cycled through the crown store as of late, I figured maybe it's not too late! Feel free to ask any questions and/or leave any concerns!

I hope you enjoyed and may your path be free of LOCKED DOORS!

Edited by Vehlir on April 7, 2018 1:15AM
  • SilentFox22
    Great presentation! lol And I couldn't agree more! I was pretty disappointed that my Dunmer mage was barred from getting one of the Telvanni homes in Sadrith Mora. Those little dwellings are so cool.
  • TonyRockaroni
    Vehlir wrote: »
    And each one of these locked & unused doors, like an Argonian, is absolutely revolting to look at!

    And what if our Zenimax overlords are mostly Argonian? :P
  • Ostacia
    Lovely! What a feast for the eyes! I especially like the Sadrith Mora houses!
    Mac (soon to be PC!) / NA
    Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow. -- William Blake
  • Vehlir
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    I think they moved on as they have our money

    Perhaps, but I figure it's worth an attempt.

    At the very least it's a chance to make a little more. I know if they did, they'd get alot of money from me ;)

    Vehlir wrote: »
    And each one of these locked & unused doors, like an Argonian, is absolutely revolting to look at!

    And what if our Zenimax overlords are mostly Argonian? :P

    Oh I jest, I love Argonians! They do my laundry, and make my meals! :smile:

    Ok seriously, I tease I tease. After all I'm particularly fond of a couple of lamps if you catch my drift...

    And besides, with 2/3 of the Great Houses adhering to the Anti-Slavery policies introduced by The Pact, what better way to make amends & show this newfound acceptance of our scaled neighbors then some shiny new homes in our favorite cities!

    Edited by Vehlir on April 8, 2018 6:06PM
  • Synthwavius
    I was really sad when I got Morrowind and saw I can't buy house in Balmora yet there is so many unused buildings with locks slapped on the door. There should be at least one to buy in each of the cities.
  • DirkRavenclaw
    So much potential, so much Homes that are just probs, give us more Homes, take our Money :)
    Council Member of AtWritsEnd, Member of LoneWolfeHelp, Donor of GhostSeaTradingCO., Factor of EastEmpireTradingCO.,HonourGuard of ´DominionImperialGuard(DIG/PVP)

    Master Crafter including Jewelry, i craft for Mats and Donation, always happy to help, if Im not in the Middle of PVP, i play since around 14 Months
  • playfull_kitten
    I realy coud not agree with you more. And I hope ZOS will listen. Thank you for adressing this issue, and with so much humor.
    This one likes to play.....
  • Tethilia
    Something I was thinking of, why not release the old Balmora Thieves Guild Hideout as an almost Tavern house. It would make for a unique design, and would create some history about what happened their before the Thieves Guild got it.

    Another idea is to release a Crypt for a house. "This is where I store ancestors and my workbenches."
  • Tethilia
    Also, unlock that Sadrith Mora house for us Telvanni RPers. It's a good spot too.
  • Keagle
    Soul Shriven
    I'm hoping Zenimax will see this!
    PC/NA EP
    DPS Stam Sorc
    @Keagle In Game
  • Vehlir
    Tethilia wrote: »
    Also, unlock that Sadrith Mora house for us Telvanni RPers. It's a good spot too.

    Yeah for Telvanni fans, they especially got the short end of the stick with the only Telvanni option being time exclusive.
    I realy coud not agree with you more. And I hope ZOS will listen. Thank you for adressing this issue, and with so much humor.

    Thanks! I hope so as well. Slim chance most likely, but never know!
    Edited by Vehlir on April 12, 2018 9:36PM
  • Mix
    Great post! I expected to see some sealed Dwemer ruin doors in there though:P
    "When the enemies begged for the mercy they lacked,
    Three voices as one shouted "Blood for the Pact"

    -excerpt from "Three Hearts as One" by Malukah
  • davey1107
    This was one of the reasons I felt that Morrowind was a rip off. It cost almost as much as a full game, then massive sections of the island were closed off and seemingly unfinished. I was also utterly disappointed that the island to the north was absolutely nothing. I mean...who knows? Perhaps it’s rife with naked dancing deep elves. We can’t know, because the dev team got lazy and cheap and put slaughterfish to keep us away.
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    Rory the Duplicitous - Khajit Stamblade
  • Vehlir
    Mix wrote: »
    Great post! I expected to see some sealed Dwemer ruin doors in there though:P

    Hah there were certainly a few. But I figure let's stick with the basics and see if we can possibly get those first.

    I'd imagine the likelihood is very low unfortunately though. Maybe one day we'll get lucky, and that Cullen Lee see's the post and grants us mercy :D
  • Wandering_Scholar
    This seems like an efficient way for mutual benefits for both Zenimax and the players. Cost-effective, profitable, and would add a lot to Morrowind!

    The Elder Scrolls games have had their draw in part due to their freedom to explore the world, including acccess to nearly every door across the world. It'd be great if the Morrowind Chapter followed the same philosophy.
  • Vehlir
    It may be 8 months later, but I still would love to see the Vvardenfell Housing scene get the love it deserves ;)
  • Azriael2
    Memories! I always tried to take Hlaalo Manor as my house in Morrowind, hehe :D Would loooove something similar here!
    "Rise, red as the dawn."
  • krisor67_ESO
    I would love to see a home that can be upgraded, where at first you have the main house, then you can do a quest line to get all the rest of the place. Like a fence around the property, stable, servants quarters, stuff like that. Like they did for the three houses in ES3 morrowind
    DPS player, not big on PVP but will do it. Love the homestead part of the game, spend a lot of time decorating places.
  • Sturmfaenger
    It would be nice

    a) to upgrade house slots in existing houses (for example in the Amaya home, which I would like to decorate inside AND outside properly, as Amaya Lake Lodge has 3 separate inside housing areas as well as the big outside ;) ) Take my crowns and give me slots, ZOS^^!

    b) to have some more small or medium sized homes, not only those overly huge ones (but perhaps with their slot count^^) I would love for them being in Vvardenfell.

    c) We have more than enough horsies - I would very much appreciate such an expandable home as @krisor67_ESO explained, when that indrik-berry-year is over. Event tickets for evolvable housing! Please! :-) !

  • Elara_Northwind
    I would love one of those tiny mushroom houses in Sadrith Mora <3
    Sorcerer, Templar, Housing Addict!

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  • Paazhahdrimaak
    Does this guy write articles for Cracked? Great wording.
    I agree with what the poster wants. I would like them to release more specialized small homes.
    But I read it for the enthusiasm behind his goals.
    Edited by Paazhahdrimaak on January 4, 2019 9:52PM
  • playfull_kitten
    I totally agree and would LOVE a Sadrith Mora house to call home!
    This one likes to play.....
  • Vehlir
    Does this guy write articles for Cracked? Great wording.
    I agree with what the poster wants. I would like them to release more specialized small homes.
    But I read it for the enthusiasm behind his goals.

    Thanks! Tried to make something a little more fun & a little less "Uhg ZoS gimme what I want!" that we see so often.

    I would love to see a home that can be upgraded, where at first you have the main house, then you can do a quest line to get all the rest of the place. Like a fence around the property, stable, servants quarters, stuff like that. Like they did for the three houses in ES3 morrowind

    An interesting idea for sure. One I've thought of similarly from time to time. Even purchasable Doors & Trapdoors that you could place on walls/floors that would open up a small room could be a neat addition for those looking to add on a little extra space.
  • Araneae6537
    I would LOVE more housing options in Vvardenfell! :smiley: The ones available are lovely and I’m working toward acquiring them, but there are so many additional possibilities that I’d love to see, especially a townhouse or apartment in Balmora! :love:
  • sueblue
    More medium sized houses!
    Awake/Asleep, I dream.
  • Poms
    sueblue wrote: »
    More medium sized houses!

    that are the correct size for the item count that goes along with a medium sized house :D
  • Dusk_Coven
    Great idea. But realistically I think you need a TL;DR right at the start for ZOS.
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