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Farm plots inside housing? (discuss)

  • purple-magicb16_ESO
    I'm all for it but for me it would just be a neat little hobby and not really that functional though. My craft bag is full of ingredients so I don't have a need to grow my own. On the other side of it, it is a good way to make a house feel like a home so Iit woukd be good to see it put in place.
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  • Slurg
    Daily log in rewards + farm plots + microtransactions = FarmVille?

    How far down that road will we go?

    The thought of someone planting crops on the floor in their free apartment is amusing though.
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  • Elfen3Warrior
    No Farmville. Just plant and after x days, come back and harvest. Harvesting in the open world would sometimes drop seeds, just as it does items for furnishing plans.
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  • Sticky_Paws
    I would love to grow things in my yard for provisioning or alchemy- can we say corn flower or columbine? Oh, it would be lovely to create our own garden space for more than viewing scenery or hosting an RP session within. :-)
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  • Surragard
    I support this because I think housing needs more practical incentives. Being able to farm mats for cooking and alchemy would be a great addition.
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  • Venom4You
    It would benefit housing greatly if there was more practical apsects of owning one.

    having a farm ground which would scale in size according to the size of the house would also mean additional income for ZOS because I am sure a lot more peps would buy the large crown store exclusives (myself included) if it was possible to reap a bunch of bugloss, columbines for alchemy and other crafting every day!
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  • nordmarian
    Oh wow... i was thinking about something entirely different when i started to read the topic. Gardening in eso would be fun but really now... not gonna happen. Id love to see it too tho. :)

    One thing that could happen is to buy resource nodes and place them in our houses... ofc within a certain limit.
  • QuebraRegra
    a had a "garden" in my house "DEEPSCORN HOLLOW"... aka the VILE LAIR.
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