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When was the last Crown Sale?

Soul Shriven
When was the last Crown Sale? Like 50% off crowns for a limited time. When do you think the next sale will be? Thanks!
  • SirDopey
    I've been wondering this myself and was hopeful we may get one around the anniversary but since the next Chapter is landing soon I doubt it will happen, so maybe august or october.
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  • Vuldovahkriid
    It happened during the holiday season, and before that it was August. So give or take 3-4 months in between(but don't hold me to that math). ZOS will usually do it when you're broke as *** anyways lol.
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  • solidstate77ub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
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  • toxicpanda
    Hopefully soon. I passed up the Sanctuary House because there hasn't been a crown sale, I dont want to pass up the next house I'm looking forward to. I still want to buy some crates too, but I'm waiting for a crown sale. :(
  • Sgtmeg
    Seems to be on a "one in the Summer, one in the Winter" basis but they always have the option to shake things up. The only one that can really be called predictable is the Christmas sale.
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