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The Moggnak Clan is Recruiting! (DC)(Orc Only)

Why do so many guilds fail after a couple of weeks?
Why dont they last?

The answer is simple: they are disorganized and fail at building community.

The Moggnak Clan is a guild designed to last. Modelled after a traditional Orc Clan, our guild is designed to give each member a certain role to play. We last because we put the needs of our Clan over our personal needs, and in turn, the Clan supports its members.

Our goals are to build:
-A strong standing army so that we can support our Clan's allies and the DC as a whole on the battlefield.
-A successful guild trader and guild bank stocked with necessary supplies to maintain operations in the field.
-An elite unit of spies/scouts to spot and track enemy movements on the battlefield and conduct both assassinations of key targets And diversions.
-A team of mages that provide top-of-the-line enchanting, alchemy, and restoration services.

The clan has three levels to it.
-Clan: A collection of tribes.
-Tribe: A collection of Bands
-Band: A unit of Orc warriors.

Our rank system is as follows:
-Chieftain: Leader of the the Moggnak Clan and all its operations
-War Chief: Leader of a Tribe of Orcs, answering only to the Chieftain.
-Bandmaster: Leader of a Band of Orcs.
-Berserker: Veteran member of a Band.
-Warrior: Proven member of a band.
-Grunt: New Recruit.

Aside from our PvP operations and our merchants trade, we also run quests and dungeons together, help each other with crafting, and overall enjoy each other's company.

If you are interested in joining our growing Clan, message me on my gamertag: S1Gma Despair


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  • lxTheDespairxl
  • lxTheDespairxl
  • Durikas75
    This sounds cool. I'm a returning max cp player and am having trouble finding a guild, the few I have joined either aren't very active, only care about their trader, or are not very inclusive of new members. I'm just trying to find a guild that wants to include new members. I have an Orc stamplar and maybe making another Orc during the 2x XP event, not sure what yet. Orc master race.
    Xbone GT Durikas75 PC in game @durikas75
  • lxTheDespairxl
  • Arobain
    While I'm not dc or an orc, I feel your idea is extremely unique and I wish you all the best!
  • King_Kaboodles
    Im going to make an Orc Ill join
  • King_Kaboodles
    Gt:King Kaboodles
  • lxTheDespairxl
  • lxTheDespairxl
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