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Paragon is Recruiting - XBOX NA

Soul Shriven
Looking for a solid team to get content done and post scores in? Paragon may be the right fit for you. We are looking for Mag Blades, Stam Blades, Stam Wardens, Static Healers and Tanks.
Mag Blades should Be able to Parse 36-40k Self Buffed and 45K+ in a Raid parse. Stamina Blades and Wardens should be able to parse 40k or better self buffed and 60k+ in a raid parse. We are looking for experienced Players as we boast clears in ALL Vet Hardmode Craglorn Trials, Vmol, and VhoF. You should be familiar and comfortable with all mechanics of the game. We ARE NOT a learning guild. We have 2 core teams. Core 1 runs 10:30 Eastern on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Core 2 runs 11-11:30pm Mondays and Wednesdays. Core 1 is the better of the 2 teams and is definitely a spot Earned. Core 2 does more progression and sets folks up to fill in and perhaps join Core 1 when and if a spot opens. All Stam Recruits should have appropriate push sets like NMG, Sunderflame, War Machine. Mag Blades should have or be working on Master Architect. Tanks And healers should have ALL sets for trials set up's. Both classes should be vastly experienced and will be stress tested. Once in, you are and will be treated as family so please be serious and do not waste your or our time. If interested, contact me on xbox live NA to set up a chat. Please DO NOT CONTACT ME HERE as I do not check. My GT is ENYCEE1 (Pronounced NYC1)or you can contact GT - iMAKE UMQUIT who is our GM in the same fashion.
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