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Missing Crown Purchase

Bought some crowns on PS4 (NA) a few hours ago. Ordinarily, they arrive within a few minutes. No crowns yet. Account name: Sakura_Tokito

A fellow guild member has the same problem with some crowns she bought this morning....around 12 hours ago.
  • Takes-No-Prisoner
    Put in a support ticket here,

    Your problem won't be resolved if you make a post here, better to have a track record of it through their Support site. Since, after all, it involves money.
  • Thannazzar
    Check your bank too. Zos often gets blocked payments from mine.
  • MattTheViolator
    I wish I would have checked on here before I tried to buy Crowns on the PS4. Not only am I still missing my mount from my Summerset pre-order, but now I've paid for Crowns I didn't receive...
  • SakuraTokito
    I contacted ZoS support, and 72 hours after the purchase, they credited the crowns from their end.
    Edited by SakuraTokito on March 26, 2018 1:19AM
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