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Soulless Crusaders - smaller guild looking for active members

Soulless Crusaders
Looking for active members
We have a band group set up for guild
We are an ad based guild but all are welcome.
Have raffles running for guild members. Also a guild hall with a small crafting area, with three target dummies for members use
Comment you GT below or send AngelOfDoom1286 a message on xbox
Edited by xLadyDragon86x on April 23, 2018 2:55PM
  • xLadyDragon86x
    The guild has been disbanded
    Edited by xLadyDragon86x on May 14, 2018 9:58PM
  • Durikas75
    Do you do any PvP?
    Xbone GT Durikas75 PC in game @durikas75
  • Durikas75
    Nevermind I just seen. I'm returning to the game and looking for an active guild. GT is Durikas75
    Edited by Durikas75 on March 13, 2018 4:58PM
    Xbone GT Durikas75 PC in game @durikas75
  • xLadyDragon86x
    We plan on doing pvp, grouping once we have enough members
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Also holding a contest for current members, throw me a message or comment your GT to join and get in on it.
    GT: CHONCH BAGG the guild sounds awesome
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Invite sent sorry it’s a lil late I moved and just got my internet back
  • CrypticEasy
    Interested, gt is Cryptic Easy
  • LitLemonz
    Soul Shriven
    I am interested GT AdaptzHD
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Still looking for members any alliance is welcome. We have crafters on hand if you need armor/wepons made.
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Have two raffles going this week. Come join have a shot at nice prize or gold
  • theorygeek
    GT theorygeek
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Invite sent
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Invite sent theory
  • Freshy186
    Hello id like to invite your guild to our na community on discord. We have multiple guilds in it. If your interested heres the link
    If not sorry to bother.
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Looking for a ep pvp grouping leader. Trying to have a grouping leader for each faction
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Working on pvp grouping the past few days, need more of each faction. It’s an ad formed guild so can only claim for ad. But all alliances are welcome to join.
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Two raffle going again this week
    Come join get you shot at two gold rings or win some gold
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Looking for AD pvp grouping leader
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Still looking for ACTIVE player should would like to join.
    We have been running pvp grouping, still need a AD and EP group leader.
    All alliances are welcome to join but only AD chars can claim stuff in pvp for guild.
  • onedarkelf
    Soul Shriven
    Techyeagle216. Dunmer warden in Vvardenfell
    Sounds fun gt RAGExTHExMAGE
    Edited by TRAPPEDxNxEU4IA on April 29, 2018 2:41AM
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