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PTS Bug Reports

  • ssewallb14_ESO
    Both the forums and /bug
    If it's something minor I'll just /bug it. If it's something I would consider game breaking in a live patch, I'll /bug, make a thread, and post a link to it in the relevant feedback thread.
  • Grimm13
    Both the forums and /bug
    I have only done this last cycle on PTS. I did do both a bug report and posted on the forum in the bug thread. I did both as I was not certain if the Def would be monitor both, possible making it easier for them to see rather than waiting for the system to send them the bug report. Also in case others where seeing the same thing and have insights as to what may be causing such as common grounds around the issue.

    In the /bug system the categories are limited and sometimes you can not get the right one for the problem. It does seem that they go into a blackhole and never addressed, (this from doing reports in the live game).

    There's a feeling that ZOS waits for the report to expire in 3 days and consider it solved if they do not hear back that it is still an issue.Well, there are things that can be continuing issues in the game even though they may not be a recurring one for the player to respond back.
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  • Greydir
    Both the forums and /bug
    Generally I try to use both, to confer the information to other Players on one Side and to give a direct feedbeck to the Devs on the other. More ofthen than not, the descriptions in the forums can be far better detailed than the form using /bug.
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  • Altairien
    Using /bug in-game
    Thanks so much for the information and insight, everyone. This was really helpful. Just wanted to let you know that we will update the /bug categories so they're more helpful/accurate when submitting a bug report.
    Your in game /bug report really is inadequate and more categories won't fix that. What you should do is provide a better, more detailed reporting tool outside of game.

    If someone is willing to take the time to identify and troubleshoot an issue, take screenshots, provide steps to reproduce, etc., the least you can do is provide a reporting tool that allows that player to adequately report the /bug. Provide the reporting tool using a link on your Support Home Page. Seriously, your in game /bug form says "low priority".
  • nightstrike
    Using /bug in-game
    Altairien wrote: »
    For bugs (actual bugs, not game design feedback), I use /bug because in my experience that's normally preferred by QA and therefore that's what I'm used to.

    For all the good it does here. Either the bugs go into a black hole or else the developers can't be bothered to "fix the shrub that's hovering above the ground at head level"... for 4 years. So I just stopped bugging things a while back.

    Hah, yeah, same here. I've reported a TON of glitches like that. None have yet been fixed that I can recall. Specifically, there's this lantern in Vvardenfell that bugs the heck out of me, floating way above a post it's supposed to be sitting on...

    IMO, /bug makes more sense, as all created bugs have to go into a database somewhere. I'm also assuming that when you use /bug, details of your in-game location are included automatically (though I have no information to confirm this). When you make a post on the forum, someone in customer service told me once that people at ZOS have to manually create a bug report out of the forum post, assuming it actually gets seen. However, /bug is one-way communication, which often results in no changes, no fixes, no responses, no feedback, no interaction.... and as many have mentioned, the screenshot tool never works right. No matter how you position yourself, it will move you to take the screenshot.

    Suggestion: give users access to the list of bugs that they've created and their status (fixed, pending, wontfix, unconfirmed, etc.) You'll get a lot better interaction with users if you show that you take bug reports seriously. As of now, it *seems* like they are mostly ignored.
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  • ghastley
    Both the forums and /bug
    Both, as I'd expect the in-game notification to capture location etc. that I'd forget by the time I log out. But the forum allows discussion of potential causes, things to try next time, etc.
  • Grimm13
    Both the forums and /bug

    The Mega Thread you created for update 17 that had the links to the Various Bug report sections, does the Dev for those areas follow the respective thread?

    I found the mega-thread very useful to be able to locate the appropriate threads. Please keep that up on pinning it, it's a useful tool.

    Would a suggested procedure be to make a /bug in game then find the relevant bug thread from the mega-thread. Post in the bug thread along with the bug report incident number that gets emailed so the Dev can relate the two?

    In some ways it would be nice to have another toggle available on the PTS forum, Same Issue. This gives a little more weight to a posting were a bug is described if players use it. Might give you an idea of how far reaching it is. Not everyone uses the forum so it would be an estimation.

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  • Ratzkifal
    On the forums
    The Sadrith Mora stair bug I reported during the Morrowind Beta didn't get resolved up to this day. Since then I only put bug reports in the forum as public awareness about a bug seems to be very important about when it will get addressed.
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  • Minalan
    On the forums
    Thanks for the comments so far, appreciate the insight.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno we report a lot of things here that don’t get fixed or even acknowledged.

    I mean, how long has shadowy disguise been broken? Every heal tick of a heal over time automatically crits when this is up if you don’t attack or have a DOT on anyone. None of our nightblade players complain because they love healing to full on every use, it’s like a built in class breath of life.

    How long have crit damage modifiers applied to heals when it shouldn’t?

    How long has zaan been pulling 20-30K single target in PVP? It hits harder than an ultimate, we reported this on PTS.

    We love you ZOS guys and gals dearly, but it’s just a tad bit frustrating.
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  • danie1991
    Soul Shriven
    since latest pts patch I cant get back nto somerset it takes me back to original game
  • dsalter
    On the forums
    both on live and PTS, why?
    because the report feature for both problems and bugs is abysmal...
    its just so frustrating to use
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  • Mystrius_Archaion
    Both the forums and /bug
    I post on the forums after using /bug in game.

    1) I'm unsure if one or the other will actually be read and sent to the appropriate people to correct.
    2) I'm unsure if the /bug feature let me classify it properly to send it to the right people, or if anybody reads these.

    I hope there is just somebody reviewing /bug reports and tagging/sending them to the proper people.
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