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FPS problem

I've been having a problem with my frames for a while now, my game keeps getting low numbers. To give an idea in cities I get from 20 to 30 frames, out in the middle of nowhere I can get 50-60 no more than that. When I get in combat drops between 15 and 20 frames, and in trials is almost impossible to play with between 2 to 15 frames. And well.. getting run over by a zerg I hug my pc really hard so she doesn't suffer, sometimes I think of pulling the cable.
In all seriousness I tested several configurations, disabled all addons, changed the usersettings.ini, and nothing changed, even with all graphics to low and minecraft resolution (640x480) I still get the same results.
I did benchmarks on other games like Shadow of War, Batman Arkham Knight, Nier Automata and Assassin's Creed origins and while this last one didn't perform so well (48fps) all the others with high graphics settings are running at an average of 75fps.

This is my computer spec:

Intel [email protected] 3.40ghz
16gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb
Windows 10 x64

If anyone can help will be much appreciated :smile:
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