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Does anyone have a 5 pc set of this armor and is is good with Hunding's Rage armor?
  • Nestor
    I am getting ready to use it on my Khajiit Spamblade. I am hoping it will let me change my Mundus to the one that increases Critical Damage and still be at or near 100% Crits.

    Alcast still says that Hundings 5, Night Mothers 3/4 and Agility is a good combo to use on a Stamblade.

    But, we all know how I feel about the Meta and following those things blindly.....

    Once I get Assassination on him to L50 and can unlock the last crit passive, I will put on some Precise daggers and see what happens.

    And, finally, this resource is invaluable in theory crafting:

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  • Nephimana
    I use 5 hunding and 5 leviathan on all my sam builds until I grinded out the trials stuff, it works well as that inbetween set when you don't have your trials sets yet.
    Isn't as good, but it does good.
  • SaintSubwayy
    It's possible to run HR und Levi, however I found that I deal more DMG (when NMG and SF are used) when i run HR and Briarheart. The Leviathan Kritrate is nice, but with khajiit you're already very high on krits, so additional Weapondmg gives you the bigger dmg boost.
    Edited by SaintSubwayy on March 1, 2018 1:56PM
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  • shadowofnarsil
    I run only a Khajit stamblade, and have long been a fan of Leviathan, running Warrior, with Spriggans on body (all Divines), and Lev in jewelry & weapons, 5/5, daggers transmuted to Sharpened, and Stormfist 2-piece (Divines), all gold. The key was to shift to Warrior from Shadow, back when the nerf hit. I also have NMG, for groups, on body, but Lev stays regardless. And yes, still working on the trials sets.

    Edited by shadowofnarsil on March 7, 2018 12:52AM
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