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Casual/social guild recruiting! 18 plus(updated for the Elswyer)

  • Noxxom
    Soul Shriven
    Hoping for an invite. Casual, Toronto, 33, male.

    ID in signature.
    XBOX ID: Noximium
  • N1ckelsNd1mes
    Would love an invite, gamer Tag is N1ckelsNd1mes
    XboxOne NA - N1ckelsNd1mes
    50 Nord DK - Tank - EB
    50 Imperial Templar - Tank - AD
    50 Breton Sorc - DPS - DC
    50 Khajiit NB - DPS - AD - currently rebuilding
    50 Redguard DK - Tank - AD
  • ubermyles
    Do u guys have guild trader?
  • Deadwillpower
    Unfortunately we do not. It's rather expensive to maintain we do have a guild hall with mostly everything ya need and no dues.
  • TrivialGinger
    Still recruiting? Would like an invite.

    GT Trivial Ginger
  • TheGent
    Yall have discord?
    ESO: @The.Gent
    I really need a questing friend. Playing solo is lonely and boring (i am in multiple guilds too)

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