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PvP rewards - How are you finding the current "loot box" system?

I don't don't if this is a common issue but I find myself getting an endless spam of pvp rewards coming in the mail.
1. These boxes take up mail space and fill up the mailbox very quickly leaving no room to collect any items bought from guilds.
2. The mail has to be cleaned which takes gaming time away from the user.
3. Pretty much all gear gained from pvp rewards is useless, has a very low resale value and takes up room.
4. The trait respec stones are nice but the account limit fills up very quickly and then the respec stones sit in your inventory collecting dust.

The pvp rewards system needs to be redone to address the above. Some options include:
1. Reduce pvp reward frequency and increase the "worth" of the rewards.
2. Totally revise the rewards into say a pvp token system where the user can buy gear with it from a pvp vendor.
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  • Vapirko
    Transmutation stones will now be limited to 1 guaranteed per day per account as a rewards of the worthy. You will still have a small chance to obtain more but this will definitely reduce your bag space used up on transmutation geode over flow.

    As for useless rewards, well, it is what it is. Decon them, save the materials, etc. occasionally you land a piece that sells for a little. Heck you might as well sell anything worth a couple of thousand or more, it adds up over time, especially if you have free guild store space. It would be nice if ROTWs also had a (very) small chance of granting overland sets as well.

    Overall though, I see no real issue with the current system.
  • coplannb16_ESO
    Agree. The rewards are bad. I think the whole PvP/AvA reward and progression system can use an update.

    Iam not sure about a token system. Currently you can buy pvp sets and pve overland sets with AP (as well as siege stuff) and some random monster helmet/shoulder on the weekend. If they removed the randomness (e.g. you can exactly buy the item you want) they could as well remove the item reward and just provide (way more) gold, maybe sieging materials and transmutation stones. Obvously they could as well sell transmutation stones at a cost of 20000 AP, buyable once per day (now).

    what I like to see (beside better cyrodil sets) is a way to obtain trial gear and master weapons via PvP for instance via campaign rewards and higher reward tiers (tier 4, tier 5 and so on). Dont block it behind percentages (like 2% of top pop)! We need reasonable, achievable goals and a clean and comprehensive way to work towards our goals.

    also Id like a real sense of progression when getting higher alliance rank (e.g. DAoC realm abiliy system)...
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    # of mules: 4 (FULL)
    maxed bank: FULL -_-
    Stop the grind! Get rid of stupid events and daily-quest gallore. Get rid of "have a chance of 1 in a million to get a piece of 1 in 30 to get a stupid motif or pet... wtf..."
    And at this point just remove all classes and have everyone choose their set of skills. then balance accordingly to skills always used vs. skills never used.
  • Bashev
    Give us chance for crafting materials, sieges, camps, etc as the event that we had.
    Because I can!
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