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Legendary White Walkers Recruiting

Winter is Finally Upon Us! The newly formed Role Playing Guild, Legendary White Walkers is recruiting! Together We Must Take The Seven Kingdoms! We Will Conquer All End Game Content, And Destroy All Those Who Stand In Our Way In Cyrodiil. All Those Who Have Crosses Paths With The White Walkers Have Come Back With A Terrifying Story To Tell, Or Not At All..

Join Today as your Night King Commands!
  • hussein7861
    I come to you as the champion of the covenant,the true king of the orcs,the ruler of the plains,the hero of wrothgar,tamriels one and only true honest nobleman and I pledge my allegiance to the guild I will bring my fellow orc nobleman with me to conquer the fields of cyrodil on a quest to take back what was taken from the orcs long ago.
  • EduPek
    Please Invite me:
    User: EduPek
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