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Broken skills - pts patch 3.3.3[Video documentation]


All forms of Crowd Control are broken, CC immunity only applies from some CCs if you wait out the CC duration. CC breaking is completely not functioning at all, and only consumes stamina with no cooldown.

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  • IZZEFlameLash
    Working as intended. We intended this to happen (not because we cannot fix them)
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  • Varxent
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  • JobooAGS
    rip, plz fix
  • RinaldoGandolphi
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  • JobooAGS

    that's one way to get someone out of a zerg, javelin javelin javelin. or fear fear fear fear fear
  • IZZEFlameLash
    Tarrocan wrote: »
    what happening with this game?

    You are seeing the future of this game. Stunlocking just like fighting games!
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  • olsborg
    Hahhahaaaaaaaaaa....... :'(

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  • Koolio
    Wth. I thought javelin was bad now.
  • Feanor
    It’s always astounding how these things happen. CC wasn’t touched at all according to the patch notes. Guess the off balance changes unintentionally broke it.

    This has to be fixed post-haste @ZOS_GinaBruno @Wrobel
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  • Montayva
    Just an update, i had a reply from TESOnline on my twitter post regarding this, saying there was a fix to be implemented before this patch goes live
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  • Morgul667
    Montayva wrote: »
    Just an update, i had a reply from TESOnline on my twitter post regarding this, saying there was a fix to be implemented before this patch goes live

    Good to know ! Cause that is crazy stuff :D
  • GiuEliN0
    Wow, really wow.
    I really hope they are going to fix this in the next pts incremental patch.
    But this is a bug only in PvP and in duels? Or in PvE too?
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  • VoiDGhOs7
    This kind of issue still happens on live server during lag situations mainly caused by NB Fear which sometimes leads to being perma cc'ed, it will completely destroy pvp if they dont fix before it goes live.
  • zParallaxz
    Yo wtf are the developers doing bro.
  • Chilly-McFreeze
    Better it happens on the test server than on live.
  • Aldruin
    Take Warlord cp out of the game and bring this to live
  • Marabornwingrion
    Just imagine there's no PTS and this [snip] goes Live like this, without any players testing it first (cause as we can see developers don't test at all).

    Pure madness.

    [Edited to remove profanity]
    Edited by ZOS_KatP on January 30, 2018 5:21PM
  • Minno
    Makes me wonder how you communicate coding changes to 3rd party contractors. "Reduce cc immunity by 5 seconds" turns into "cc immunity removed entirely".

    Though, that combat looks more fluid that what we have lol. Just make refects better, have all cc blockable/dodgable, make all cc do no damage, give everyone the same defense pool so m as g/stamina are at the same level and give all classes mobilty that grants a way to remove cc effects instantly. Lol
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  • kookster
    wow that is royally broken
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  • BroanBeast1215
    Looks like they are breaking things to try n fix the power lash issue so DKs wont collectively drink the coolaide :trollface:
    Edited by BroanBeast1215 on January 30, 2018 5:11PM
  • Ankael07
    Can you feel the spaghetti code snapping? Can you feel it now Mr. Crabs?
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  • Dredlord
    Ankael07 wrote: »
    Can you feel the spaghetti code snapping? Can you feel it now Mr. Crabs?

    It's not so much a snapping but a mooshing together sort of an occurrence.
  • IZZEFlameLash
    Pretty sure this will make it into live. Lol. I guess they broke this with offbalance -> heavy attack -> stun idea. Would not surprise me.
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