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pets in Asylum still take meteors?!

The vAS trial currently prohibits the use of pets, not because they die too often but because pets are targeted by the meteors spawned by the main boss. In its current state pet magicka builds are prohibited from doing +1 or HM +2 which is kind of unfair to pet users.

@ZOS_GinaBruno are there any plans on making pets to not be targeted with meteors or is this a made intentionally. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
  • xaraan
    I agree that I'd love to see them not pull their own lightning circles as they sometimes run around stupidly between mobs, but not sure what you mean by prohibited?

    We have like four or five pets in our current vAS HM+2 runs we are working on (even our off sorc tank has a clanny), they don't die too often, but it's a little messed up if your friends are telling you you aren't allowed to run them at all. As crazy as they act sometimes, it's not that bad and having one wouldn't hurt much.

    But if we are pushing for them not to get their own lightning, then I'm all for that!
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