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Outfit dying is NOT free for ESO plus members?...

  • notimetocare
    If I can be honest.
    Why are you and anyone else OK paying for ESO plus to dye something you already paid for??? Never made any sense but definately wouldn’t ask to pay double


    @NewBlacksmurf I am gagging!!!


    didn't think about that.

    I’ve been saying it since release among other eso plus “benefits” that aren’t “benefits”

    Let’s recap
    You pay a sub for crowns and “benefits”
    But the “benefits” are only “benefits” if you’re trying out DLC, everything else you’re paying extra for.

    Extra in terms of
    -paid costume isn’t free with eso plus, but required after you buy to dye it

    -paid dlc isn’t free but rental access is 1500/month but no dlc exceeds 1500 crowns

    -crafting bag gives a huge bank and inventory increase (it’s not free tho especially if you paid for mount, bank upgrades, even if it was gold)

    This eso plus stuff is only ideal for people who didn’t take the time to understand the program, or who’ve convinced themselves they are “supporting the devs” which is odd cause you can support the devs buying crowns outside of eso plus

    Or the now popular, I can’t play without a crafting bag....but crafting and writs are typically top tier so why are you holding onto that other junk. Give it to a guild or a friend

    Just day I broke it and down and realized.....WHAT WAS I THINKING

    Always love a good laugh, thx
  • monktoasty
    I'll probably cancel eso plus. I'm a little annoyed that it's not a very good value. Outfotbsysyem should be free for eso plus

  • SydneyGrey
    Well, it technically IS free, because Tamriel gold is not real money.

  • Sylveria_Relden
    It’s similar to renting an expensive place to stay vs buying. It is what it is, but people will choose for themselves.

    Similar, but very different. Confused? Well, here goes...

    Whether you "buy" or "rent" the DLC you still don't own it. Because when the day comes that Zenimax decides to close this game down, you're still left with nothing but memories. It's not an "offline" game you can play when they shut the servers down, after all.

    If you buy a house or a car, it's yours. The only way you're not "taking it with you" is when you expire. (you can of course, pass it on to others, however)

    So yeah, very different.
    TL;DR - If you got this far without reading the entire post you're either too lazy or suck at reading comprehension and probably don't belong in a public forum anyway. Just move along, you wouldn't understand.
  • OlafdieWaldfee
    I'm okay with paying for the outfit per se. Gold sink is necessary. But dyes in game never look the way they look at the dye station. I always have to readjust to not look like Bozo the Clown from Wayrest.
    So I will be charged double or triple for a flaw, ZoS build in by making lighting crappy.
    Not cool.
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