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Folkvangr needs founding officers.

Soul Shriven
Folkvangr used to be a decent sized guild but fell off because I stopped playing for awhile. I want to re build the guild and to do that I need some help. I work a lot and because of that I need a really strong officer base who are serious about building the guild up. My primary residence has all crafting stations including dye and trans. I want the guild to primarily focus on the social and PvE aspects of the game but PvP and trading is more than welcome. The guild has a functioning military based rank system that is easy to understand. I am very open to the ideas and input of any players interested.

Anyone of any level or skill are welcome into the guild but the founding officers MUST:
*Have a good understanding of the game mechanics
*Be champ 250 or above
*Be dedicated to helping build the guild and the players in it

If you are interested please leave a comment with your gamer tag, a little about yourself, and whether you are looking to become an officer or just want to join the guild as a regular member.
  • idk
    As you gain members you will notice some worthy to help you. I'd suggest that coming to the forums looking for officers could very well bring you trouble in various areas.
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