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  • DoctorESO
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  • rynth
    personally I think the area is great the area is nice, it's large, and a lot you can do with it. But, unfortunately I didn't purchase it because I didn't like the tree shack housing it had. If the island had a stone tower like a mages tower made of stone (not that mushroom tumor looking one they offered) I'd have snatched it up.
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  • DieAlteHexe
    Let's see

    $135 for a virtual house that, at the time, offered absolutely NOTHING other than a house to decorate.
    $135 for my Cable/Internet Bill that allows me to play the game the virtual house would have been in.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Yeah, that's how it goes. I don't have a television, I don't party, aside from gaming my only other vice is reading and with Kindle that's pretty cheap. I don't buy a lot of shoes, clothes, jewelry etc. I choose to spend a good chunk of my discretionary income on gaming. So long as our bills are paid, it's all good.

    Choices, yup.

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  • greylox
    No regrets, still love sitting on my big mushroom I put on the beach, watching the sun go down. There had been a crown sale just before this was available so it didn't cost me full price technically.
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  • Keylun
    Best to spend the money on the expansion and buy the houses that come with the expansions with in game gold IMO since Morrowind houses are big, unique and has extra stuff. Eg stable and ponds in which the next expansions will likely have that standard too.
  • LadyAstrum
    DoctorESO wrote: »
    Loved the island when first seen on test center . No way could I ever afford it when it went live . Cost more then concert tickets on the floor of best bands . Cost more then taking family out for dinner at good restaurant . Price was more expensive then pre order special of entire game .

    Yes, yes, this one understands. But a concert ticket is good for one night, yes? And a dinner is also good for one night, yes? When morning comes, concert and dinner are no more. But an island lasts forever, like diamonds, yes?

    No, not like diamonds. It's pixels in a game, not a precious gemstone. It will last as long as the game does.
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  • Axoinus
    I dont fully agree that it cost $135. I get free crowns for subbing. So it only costs money if you obtained crowns from straight cash.
    With that said, I didn't buy it. Too many crowns for one item.
  • Tasear
    Just saying for those who bought it's been best looking one till this day.
  • jssriot
    I only regret that it was a crown-only house. i love the house. Short of getting a job that pays far more than I make now, I could never pay crowns for it, especially that amount.

    Truth is, the smaller, less flashy houses i can get with gold will keep me busy for a long time to come.So really, it doesn't bother me that much.
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  • Calsifer
    Purchased the Crowns for the Island in advance when the largest discount was 40% off. I no longer use the island, but one day. . . my characters will retire there when they are about to shut the servers down. ;)
  • Ilithyania
    regret not buying it :)
  • abzdeman
    I understand some people work hard for their money but I still think it's very sad to waste that much money on cosmetics.
  • Ch4mpTW
    kylewwefan wrote: »
    I’ve no regrets buying it. I’ve also no interest in any other homes I have seen. I don’t do much with housing though.

    See, that’s the thing about this particular residence. The key factor in what sealed the deal in me buying it. The property just puts every other home to shame. It really does. When you pause for a moment, and look at what it is that you’re actually buying? You realize that you’ve bought essentially your own zone (just about). You’re buying: A huge body of water (pretty safe to say it’s an ocean), a beach front, 3.5 mini-huts, a stream, a jacuzzi/hot tub, 2 volcano points, a mini-pond, etc. It’s literally an island resort that ZOS offered the players a chance at owning. You have so much land with the property, that it is possible to get lost if you’re new to visiting it. That’s insane. It’s as if ZOS gave players a chance at buying their own zone, just as I said previously. The place is so spacious, that you’re free to go wild with your imagination. No other house allows that type of freedom and provides that scale of an opportunity.

    I view it like this. There are people who buy apartments, buy mansions, and buy villas. That’s nice and all. And then there are the people who buy private island retreats, as in the entire land mass. It’s that type of scaling when comparing Grand Topal Hideaway and the other residences. And that’s not a bad thing either. I really do like my mansion (Linchal Grand Manor). Seriously. I liked it so much that I documented me buying it, and uploaded it to YouTube. I liked that Gold Coast property that much, and I still do. However, Grand Topal Hideaway is... Its different. It’s on a whole other level than the Linchal Grand Manor. It’s something that is more... How do you say...? More prestigious. It’s something that you keep low-key, until you see people bragging about what they own. And then reveal it, to in a sense remind people of where they stand. That type of thing.
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  • Sevalaricgirl
    I didn't like it. I'm not fond of any of the notable homes. The only special crown store place I was interested in was the wizard place but then I got a good look at it recently and it wouldn't have worked for me. If I want ocean, I can buy Hundings. The only short time only place that I would spend real money on is a gothic castle in Rivenspire.
  • ChuckyPayne
    abzdeman wrote: »
    I understand some people work hard for their money but I still think it's very sad to waste that much money on cosmetics.

    Yes! But not because of 'work hard' or 'just cosmetics' just because the libra. To me important the new content and QoL changes that give us 'hours to play'.
    On the left side of the libra is the 'hours' on the right side is the money. No room on the libra for the crown store.

    And there is an other libra.
    On the left side is the 'hours' on the right side is the item mall. If the balance is strongly overwhelmed then
    my mood wanes, I will not have desire to play. (this is why I left GW2).

    I like services like monthly fee that is mean to me: you get a quality service in return. Beause of inventory problem without ESO+, I use ESO+. Thus I have crowns, so I spend that crowns, but usually not more: inventory slots etc.

    I will never buy a house for crown.
  • ktdotexe
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  • ktdotexe
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  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    I don't own this one, but one of my guild leaders does, and uses it for the guild house (I bought the Linchal Grand Manor, and am offering that as an alternate guild house, or the primary one for my secondary guild). What we've done wit it, as a guild, with most of the guild chipping in master writs, gold, mats, or even cash for upgrades, is pretty remarkable. We have what amounts to a bazaar area, which hosts *EVERY SINGLE SET OF ATTUNED CRAFTING TABLES* and *EVERY SINGLE MUNDUS STONE* and the transmog station. We have training dummies, an arena we set up, and everyone in the guild uses that for the various things they need. It actually works well for us. I'm attempting to do the same sort of thing with my Linchal Manor, though I'm doing it all under my own cash/writs/gold. So far, I'm getting there, but that one also was expensive. And honestly, I don't regret buying the LInchal Manor, and I imagine my guildmaster really doesn't regret buying the Topal Bay location. They are both very good locations for the things we want, and it works well for the guild as a whole.

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  • iiYuki
    I didn't buy GTH but I regret getting Linchal Grand Manor. It has an awful layout and is annoying for my low stamina characters since I have to either keep everything in the barn or run / walk the entire courtyard to get into the house every time I go there.
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  • Flaminir
    Well I bought the unfurnished version and it wasn't anywhere near the $135 people are quoting...

    I had a 6 month sub drop just before, so that was 9000 crowns straight off, and then got the other 6000 when they were virtually half price, so in my view my island cost me about £20 which I'm totally fine with :)

    And nope, no regrets at all... still love it.

    Ours is set up as our guilds house... 'Unholy Island', and is a little slice of Morrowind away from Vvardenfell, mushrooms etc. Dummies, duelling arena, meeting and trophy room for the guilds acomplishments, all the usseful mundus stones, and we're currently adding in all the attunable crafting stations.

    Plenty of space, and unlike other houses because of the plantlife (& the huge mushrooms we added!) it didn't look that empty even when we started with it.
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  • MornaBaine
    I didn't like it. I'm not fond of any of the notable homes. The only special crown store place I was interested in was the wizard place but then I got a good look at it recently and it wouldn't have worked for me. If I want ocean, I can buy Hundings. The only short time only place that I would spend real money on is a gothic castle in Rivenspire.

    So much this. When they break down and finally offer me the perfect vampire home I'll part with the cash without a qualm. LOL

    I don't regret skipping the island or any of the Notable Homes I passed on and will continue to pass on. If there had been a beautiful villa on that island instead of Argonian huts it might have been a different story. I just don't care for Argonian architecture. But the fact remains that all the Notable homes are a terrible value, no matter how pretty they may be. High prices, bad lighting, illogical floorplans, low item counts and ludicrously low player caps as well as shoddy implementation and the fact that even these are nothing more than copy/pastes of already existing buildings in the game should tell us ZOS isn't at all serious about doing something "nice" for the player base that wanted housing so badly.
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  • PS4_ZeColmeia
    No regerts is my motto

    I have it tattoo'ed on my forehead
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  • phairdon
    While I don't mind supporting this game through subscription & the occasional extra crown purchase, there's no way I could justify spending, what would be at least $150-170 (currency conversion) for an in game property.
    Got one property paid for with in game gold, its enough.
    Still wish we were able to build the houses from ground up. Buy a plan, harvest the materials, build. Would have made the housing concept more enjoyable, for me at least.
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  • Minyassa
    When I saw the subject line of this thread my first thought was to wonder if you were asking if anyone else had celebrated buying that house by getting busy and nine months later is paying the consequence...
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