Morag Tong Quest groups, Vvardenfell PC NA

Are there any groups that ever do this. I only found one when I was on one day. Does anyone know? are there better times to do these?
  • pauli133
    You mean the Halls of Justice world boss dailies? There are people setting up groups for each of the individual quests 24/7. Sometimes they'll stick around for more than one, but usually they break and reform.

    Pay attention in zone chat for someone saying "LFM dubdil/wuyuvus/sulipund/etc, have quest to share." You basically have to turn off zone chat in order to miss them.

    Once you're in such a group, don't forget to ask if anyone has a delve daily to share as well, if you're after the motif.
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  • Apache_Kid
    I feel like i never see any on Xbox NA

    Edit: This is in terms of organized groups. I see people in zone all the time who need help killing one of the bosses and offering to share the accompanying quest.
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  • Nestor
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    Most World Boss Groups run on Auto Invite so typing an X in zone chat will get you an invite.

    I bet if the zone quest gate restriction was not in place, more players would do those dailies.
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