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Official Discussion Thread for "Earn Free Crown Crates or Trial ESO Plus During Our Bonus Event"

  • Elsonso
    Bhaal5 wrote: »
    Would like to know this
    "I had my eso+ active through the event, but it ran out today. Will i still receive the crates as i was a paid eso+ subscriber for the advertised time of the event?"


    As for an in-game indicator, they probably don't know, either. The reason you don't get them immediately seems to be that someone has to sit down after the event and run a program that makes a naughty-nice list that is processed on Crate Day morning. If they had any software involved that knew enough to put a check mark on a UI indicator, they would probably just give you the Crown Crate so you can open it and brag about what you got while the event was still going.

    Why don't they do that? The cynic in me suggests that they really don't want to hand out free Crown Crates. At least, not any more than they have to. Reminding people, or generating hype, would increase the number of free Crown Crates. Remember, we are supposed to be paying for Crown Crates. That is the natural order of things. However, sanity reigns and I figure the real reason is that it is not worth the development cost to write the software to distribute them immediately when the current method works just fine. Maybe "someday".
  • Somber97866
    I do love when you all do this cause it makes feel like your looking outdor the little guy! Awesome and thank you!
  • Serjustin19
    Funny story, my ESO+ ran it during the event. I was lucky to get 2 crates however. But the other 4 crates, I was unlucky. I don’t mind one bit though. I honestly don't need the ESO+., but I really do like the crafting bag though. It's just I don’t craft and I not grind new characters to. I'm not planning to renew my ESO+. Not because I'm starting a war, which I not. It's just my Router is dying and need to save up for a new router. It's just um $299 price tag (Same price for the one I currently been using, for 3yrs) Hence why I not going back to ESO + anytime soon. I'm very happy to o get the 2 crown crates though. :)
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