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MAGBLADE: ENTROPY (which morph)

iof youa re gettign entropy in your build, which morph is the best"?

Degeneration or structured entropy? They both sound good, but for pvp i guess either would eb situationally better, cant decide. I feel liek for mageblade both high health and hots are NEEDED
  • Waffennacht
    The light attack health return chance one
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  • Subversus
    The one that heals you on light attacks is what I personally pick. I really dislike having different health pools on my bars.
    @Subversuss PC EU

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  • exeeter702
    Degeneration is nice but a bit random. Structured is nice if you are running healing ward on the same bar since a larger hp pool when swapping, creates a larger deficit between current hp and max hp and thus increases the strength of the sheild when cast.
  • casparian
    Degeneration 100%. Structured Entropy unbalances your health pool unless you double bar it, and it's no fun to bar swap into execute range. On the other hand, the heal from Degeneration really shines on magblade, since you weave constantly.
    PC NA DC
  • Brutusmax1mus
  • StayAlfresco
    Degen for sure mate. Synergizes really well with mageblade.
  • Metemsycosis
    Structured entropy can be used to balance health pools if you use a lot of shadow abilities one bar but not the other. For example you can easily melee mageblade with refreshing path, cloak, concealed weapon, and fear on one bar.

    However I think degeneration has good synergy with siphoning/leeching attacks, swallow soul etc --- incentives for staying in the fight rather than disengaging

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