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Simple Request for the future of Pvp

Can you show up and actually give a damn about pvp? Lack of incentives for BG's, Lower population caps, spread people out, make the zergs smaller on different servers to reduce the lag, remove aoe caps ( why when 30 people attack me, can I only hit 6 people around me?) adjust the numbers, fix the bugs, this should have been done months ago. Every patch has made small scale worse and worse. Go look at the patch notes when the game first came out , all kinds of changes. We have asked nicely and many of the people that have supported this game since the beginning are gone or barely play anymore. Some of these changes are so blatantly obvious, that the only conclusion that could come from them is that you don't care.

  • davey1107
    Shhhhh...don’t ask for help or they’ll roll out another ridiculous avilitymthst has a giant aoe, does 50x as much damage as anything else and can be continually proc’d by Zergs.
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