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Help - Loot Container panel is off the screen

I've checked my addons, I even checked to find an addon that can correct this, but apparently this window/panel is not adjustable although mine has suddenly began popping up half way off the lower right side of the screen. I can't see everything in the loot container.

Is there an addon or some means to reset this position via some sort of cache clearing? I have tried reloadui and exiting client, neither solve it.
  • VexingArcanist
    Dolgubon wrote: »
    Maybe try azurahs.

    I abandoned hope for a time but today I figured it out. Here is the funny thing about your reply.

    I tried to use Azurah but there was no container element on the screen. Thats why I posted originally.

    Today I inadvertently discovered it was caused by using Azurah to move the elemtents, but the element for the container isn't it's own element, it is attached to the "Interact" element! So I fixed it by moving that element higher on my screen. :)
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