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Different addon profiles

Hello everyone,

I'm new to Eso on the PC (I mainly play on the xbox) and I was wondering if it's possible to have some "addon Profiles".
so that you can automatically (or through keybind) enable/disable addons depending on the content that you're playing.

For example:

- Disable all pvp addons
- Disable quest tracker
- Enable combat tracker

- Disable all pve addons
- Disable quest tracker
- Enable all pvp addons


I'm mainly wondering because it's a pain to have to manually enable/disable addons every time, and if I keep them enabled i'll have lags (like in cyrodiil in a 1vs1 the fps drops to below 10, while normal fps is above 100.) while if I disable all addons it stays around 70 fps.
also the Ui is very cluttered while everything is enabled, and clean if I would use certain "addon Profiles"

Anyone knows a way to set this up?
Preferably automatically, but if not with keybinds. for example "F1= pve addons" "F2=pvp addons" "F3=questing addons" etc.
  • Azurya
    not yet, but who knows what the future will bring????
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  • kwisatz
    Addon Selector is a must have.
    You can define as many profiles as you want and toogle between them with one clic.
    Edited by kwisatz on December 19, 2017 9:00AM
  • Durete
    kwisatz wrote: »
    Addon Selector is a must have.
    You can define as many profiles as you want and toogle between them with one clic.

    Awesome, thanks! installing it right away.
  • Walting
    Give Addon Profiles a chance.

    I tried Addon Selector and Addon Profiles and Addon Profiles seems to be much faster and more intuitive. Though it is out-dated it works just very fine.

    For example: If you de-select Master Merchant all its sup-parts are still counted in Addon Selector which makes its displayed numbers not informative at all.

    Try both and decide for yourself :)
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