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Reinstalled Windows, installer problem

I simply reinstalled Windows, but my ESO files are intact. The problem is the required registry entries don't exist, I need to run the installer for that. HOWEVER, the installer refuses to work unless there is all those 80GB of free space on that particular disk. I don't have that! The game is already there! I just need to "initialize" it.
What do I do?
This appears like a pretty bad oversight :(
  • Shadow-Fighter
    Hi, you dont need to reinstall or "initialize" the game. Just install the latest VC++, DotNet Framework and DirectX components

    Files can be found in Launcher folder

    Have fun
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  • SirAndy
    Start the launcher and click on "repair". That should recreate the registry entries needed. At least that used to work.
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  • Octopuss
    edit: oops, was looking for the repair button elsewhere.
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