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Frequent Freezes and Crashes

Since the New Life Festival started, ESO is frequently freezing at random times. I then am unable to Alt-Tab to any other screen, requiring me to use Task Manager to log off to close the game. I also get frequent ESO crashes with Windows error messages. These crashes are not returning to the ESO logon screen. I have made no recent changes to the game setup.
  • Leogon
    Same here.
  • Hurbster
    And here. In fact I deleted everything and reinstalled it again. No difference, just random crashes running about in Davons Watch.
    Edited by Hurbster on December 16, 2017 9:04PM
  • wlb
    freezes and crashes relentlessly
  • Delgent
    Same issue. I never really experience any issues with ESO, unless it's a problem that's hitting everyone.

    Since the New Life Festival kicked off, I seem to get multiple crash to desktop "ESO is not responding" messages per session.
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  • ZOS_BillE
    If you are experiencing crashes and freezes while playing ESO, you can try the troubleshooting in the help article below.

    What do I do if ESO is crashing with the error "ESO has stopped working"?

    You can contact customer support here if the troubleshooting steps in the article above do not help with the game freezing.
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