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Healer build advice after reaching level 50

Currently have a templar healer level 46, i love it. However this is my first magicka character that I've ever taken above level 20, my main cp 200’s are all stamina so far and all my sets are either stam or health (for tank) the problem is i have no magic sets once i reach level 50. I'm already planning on getting spc and worm, but i need advice on what set crafted or otherwise until i get them. Currently been using 5 innate axiom, 3 seducer, 3 necro (just for the extra magicka) for some reason innate is increasing breath of life and at the time i could only craft 2/3 trait sets, now in a couple of hours this boot piece will be 6 traits and thrn I'll have a full 5 pieces for julianos. I got the chokethorn helm before in elden 1 and thats like the only good trait magic piece i have along with illambris the rest i just deconstructed

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  • RobbieRocket

    I have always only had one character, a Magicka Templar.

    I was originally a tank/healer with Transmutation matched with Ebon, then Armor Master then Willow's Path, all set-ups with Lightning Staff and a Monster set (on for PvE, Transmustation for PvP). I have also played Light Speaker & Eyes of Mara (pure healer), with Combat Physician & Prayer Shawl (shield specialist) and with Healing Mage (Mending) & Spell Power Cure (buff/debuffer). There are a crazy number of good sets for Magicka Healers and Templars fit into them well.

    Now I play 6 set-ups, all with different skill and CP variations.
    The set-ups and sets are:

    1. Dungeons/DSR/Overland/Questing - Kagrenac's Hope (5), Spell Power Cure (5/4), Morihaus (2)
    2. Trials - Spell Power Cure (5), Twilight Remedy (5/4), Sentinel of Rkugamz (2)
    3. Cyrodiil/Imperial City - Kagrenac's Hope (5), Robes of Transmutation (5/4), Lord Warden (2)
    4. Battlegrounds - Shalk Exoskeleton (5), Wizard's Riposte (5/4), Lord Warden (2) HEAVY ARMOR BUILD
    5. Duelling - Shalk Exoskeleton (5), Tava's Favor (5/4), Blood Spawn (2) MEDIUM ARMOR BUILD
    6. Maelstrom - Burning Spellweave (5), Willpower (3), Grothdarr (2), any (1)

    All set-ups except for vMA are 1 handed and shield on bar 1 and Restoration Staff on bar 2. I went back to Lightning Staff (which I still use on vMA for damage) a few times (instead of 1H&Sh) but it has always been better healing, buffing & believe it or not, overall combat with 1h&shield.

    Sorry for the (character life story), the point was to give you the enthusiasm to try stuff out for yourself. When someone says a set is bad it usually means they have yet to find the situation or set-up in which it works well.

    Be brave!
    Accepted Answer
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