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Apostle/Ebonshadow motif

I've completed both of them two days ago, now I noticed in lore library tab both of them are at 0/14. Also motif pages say they can be learned even though I know them and still can craft them.
  • Zekken86
    This is happening to me too. I'm going to link a video showing this.

  • Thorgrimn
    Happened to me as well. I put in a bug report and posted in the forums. It is a display issue because under achievements you still have them completed and you can craft them at any crafting station. The problem is the journal entry shows 0/14. I really hope they fix this asap.
  • ynotcruzwitme
    I think someone screwed up somewhere. I think after a maintenance. Apostle and Ebonshadow are now both listed under the lore library as crafting motif 56. Apostle is 56 and Ebonshadow should be 57
  • patrick_smyth
    I think this is the same problem as has been reported nearly every few days since 31st October (the earliest I can find)

    I linked to a few of the other earlier reports in this thread:


    I suppose ZOS feel they are overwhelmed with more urgent problems this last month :(
    @patrick_smyth PC EU Server
    Character: Richard Greymane - Breton Assassin (Stamina Nightblade) - Daggerfall Covenant
  • EvilCroc
    I have this with ebonshadow, but not with apostle.
    Ebonshadow pages do not appear in library and do not show "already learned" even if they are.
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