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Soul Shriven
Just looking for a friendly and helpful guild to join. GT: SGT KFC
  • Compton1865
    Not sure if we'd be up your alley, but nonetheless - here is some information about our Ebonheart guild (but open to all factions):

    Vampire guild looking for recruits - the Strigoi Coven is looking to expand our ranks.

    We are a pure vampire social guild with the central intention of turning as many players into vampires as possible. We do not charge for bites, and believe that vampirism should be given freely.

    Our guild is currently working to expand our membership. We are primarily a social guild, however, we pretty much do it all - PvE, PvP, crafting and the like. Our members enjoy helping new players design builds, level-up, run dungeons, kill world bosses and complete dailies. We want to help you in the game no matter what your focus is - just ask in guild chat (or in our Xbox Club)! Although there are no formal dues, we ask that members donate what they can.

    Our guild provides a relaxed atmosphere for players who simply enjoy the game - whether it be a casual interest, or a strong passion. We like to avoid drama (isn't there enough of that in the real-world?) - so if you need a place to chill, Strigoi Coven may be the place for you. Our membership base is primarily 18+.

    Feel free to message me - my GT is MemoFromTurner.

    If we aren't your type of guild, no worries :)

    Interesting in joining a vampire guild? The Strigoi Coven is looking for new recruits - shoot me a message!

    "Vampires often turn on those who trust them, you know."
  • DesirousNine
    Are you still looking to fill a guild slot we just started a new guild called vengeful knights we are looking for active players to help fill our rosters and would be glad to have you on board.
  • BadSerpico
    SGT_KFC wrote: »
    Just looking for a friendly and helpful guild to join. GT: SGT KFC

    If you are new to trials, looking to get into trials (22k dps Craglorn)( 32kdps on 6mil for HM and above), or want to run vet trials. Ebonheart Defenders is looking for friendly team oriented players. We run Monday, Thursday, Friday Saturday gat 845est plus we run several normals. We have plenty of knowledge players that will help with Dps, tanking and healing plus teach mechanics in all trials. We are looking for two more Dps to fill out our core team for VMOL. We also have regular DLC HM vet dungeon runs/Skin runs, VDSA, PvP in VIVEC and other events. We use the band App communicate/organize plus Xbox Club that we post pics, vids and achievements etc . If you are interested reply here or msg GT Bad Serpico or Pv2 Slayer
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