The Guardian Alliance **Consistent City Trader** [PvE/PvP/Trials] - LOADED Guildhouse!

Do you want:
  • Free Master Crafting Services
  • An Active Band Group
  • A Guild Hall that has ALL Mundus Stones,
  • Major Attunable Stations
  • and the NEW Transmutation Station
  • AND BEST OF ALL... a City Trader for only 4k a week?!?
... on top of all the above, we host trials on a regular basis, run events, have auctions, raffles, and have fun! If you're not going to be with a group of people you can have fun with, why bother??? All of this sound great, but you don't want to pay dues for trading? We also have a sister guild for all of the above minus a trader and dues. What are you waiting for? Post your GT and we'll send an invite ASAP! Whatever you need, the Guardian Alliance has you covered!

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