Order of Divine Will

Hello forums, im here to tell you about this brand new guild thats recruiting now....now i know what youre thinking, "theres a bunch of guilds recruiting, what so different about this one' Well im glad you asked, if you played Oblivion you might remember a guild Called Knights of the Nine, a knightly order based upon the nine Divines, this guild is a bit like that. My hopes are that this guild will become a nice well rounded community of players who enjoy all the content eso has to offer. I want to host adventures such as skyshard hunts, defeat world bosses, complete dungeons together and just have fun. This guild is based in the Ebonheart Pact and will hopefully become a rather big guild if everything goes right. I hope ive got you interested in the guild by now, and if youre not well ill just tell you theres more to find out you just have to join and we can talk and discuses all the good stuff a guild should be/have.... as of right now i dont have any members so if youre experienced in guild management and want a high rank just ask to join and we can chat

Ps..i would prefer if the members were 18+
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