What is your favourite class?

What is the communities most favoured class, regardless of Magicka and Stamina builds?
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Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature.

What is your favourite class? 109 votes

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  • Tranquil_Fairy
    I just love how sneaky Nightblades are...
    Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature.
  • coop500
    Love Templars, I love playing a good character and Templars are kinda geared towards being holy. But then again both of my Templar toons are either a vampire or a werewolf.... but they're both good too, vampire never feeds and the werewolf is her 'oh crud' button.
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    Toon list:
    PC NA:
    Chip Ahoy: Magicka Templar khajiit WW healer and crafter of metals, clothes, leather and wood
    Rose Scale: Magicka Nightblade argonian WW DPS and 'evil' toon (steals stuff from barrels)
    Snip Ahoy: Stamina Dragonknight khajiit tank
    Walks-Through-Corn: Magicka Templar argonian Vampire tank and also cooks food
    Snowy Kitten: Magicka Sorcerer khajiit WW healer and also makes glyphs
    Valerie Ahoy: Stamina Nightblade khajiit WW DPS
    Giggles-At-Everything: Stamina Sorcerer argonian DPS
    Mixes-With-Mud: Stamina Warden khajiit WW DPS and also mixes potions
    Tyrenan: Magicka Warden khajiit healer
    Always-Brings-Light: Magicka Dragonknight argonian DPS

    PC EU
    Coop Ahoy: Stamina Templar khajiit WW DPS and is my story toon.
    Shadow Ahoy: Magicka Nightblade khajiit Vampire healer.

    Wishlist from ZOS: Chestnut Unicorn mount and the Lilmothiit race, would definitely pay 10K crowns or even 20K crowns for it.

  • Cloudless
    I just love how flowy wardens' abilities look. <3
  • Runschei
    Love the sneaky sneaky
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  • BigBadVolk
    Sidenote: I mostly play 1 nowadays (currently will level a DC scum) and the rest is for the nov 30-dec 06 event :D
    PC EU - Nightblade Masterclass - Member of the Four Digit CP club - Dark Elf Masterrace - Bring Back Dark Shaman - Wolf Rider
  • Chilly-McFreeze
    BigBadVolk wrote: »
    the rest is for the nov 30-dec 06 event :D

    I should pay more attention. Which event?
  • Rainraven
    Not my main, still my favorite.
  • ak_pvp
    DK because I played it since beta, sort of eh now, but burst DK worst well for BGs which is all I have time for. Alternatively speedsorc was quite fun.
    Played characters:
    MagDK - All roles. Main since beta
    Magplar/Healthplar/Craftplar - Crafting

  • wyterice24b14_ESO
    Warden be OP, people just don't know it yet
    Happy Patch day!
    Templar would be mine if I had to pick only one. I do enjoy playing all magicka based characters though.
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    Monica Deshaan - Argonian Templar DC
    S-O-D - Argonian Templar - AD
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  • dodgehopper_ESO
    coop500 wrote: »
    Love Templars, I love playing a good character and Templars are kinda geared towards being holy. But then again both of my Templar toons are either a vampire or a werewolf.... but they're both good too, vampire never feeds and the werewolf is her 'oh crud' button.

    If this were a year and a half ago I would have picked Templar followed by Nightblade based on theme and style. Nowadays, I'm far too frustrated with the trajectory Templar has been moving along to feel the same. The class is supposed to be a 'holy' based class yet due to its lack of self recovery is the class that seems to need to be a Vampire more than any other. Ironically, at the outset Templars had the highest recoveries and were based on being a resilient high recovery support class in the beginning. Templars lost their theme ages ago.

    Wardens on the other hand still have their theme. Whether you're playing an Argonian hist-minder, an Ashlander, a Reachman, a Kynareth Priest, or just a hunter with a few magical skills this class seems to fit its theme and style decently well. The class in many ways feels like what I wish Templar did. It has a level of 'clunkiness' to it that I do not find overly offensive as I do with Templar. The heals are not so overwhelmingly powerful that I expect the class to be utterly gutted in all other aspects for it like with the Templar. Its a jack of all trades class that doesn't have the kinds of wild execute-based burst that a Sorcerer (mag) would have. Mostly, I just like the way it plays and the theme.

    Dragon Knight has never been top on my list in part because of esthetics. I never liked the way your character goes invisible and has a gigantic pulsating heart throbbing. I never liked the huge upturned spikes that grow out of your character. There are other elements of the class I think are fantastic like Dragon Leap. I don't hate DK but these little artistic elements do bug me. In terms of DK playstyle I actually find it quite fun.

    Sorcerer is actually very high on my list as I find it very fun whether you play it as a stamina or magicka build. Its a very weapon-centric class and I enjoy the weapons. Sorcerer also has a lot of built in variety in terms of what you can do with it and its quite visually appealing.
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    US/AD - Barkan al-Sheharesh - Vet Redguard Dragon Knight | US/AD - Aelus Vortavoriil - Vet Altmer Templar
    US/AD - Shirari Qa'Dar - Vet Khajiit Nightblade | US/AD - Ndvari Mzunchvolenthumz - Vet Bosmer Nightblade
    US/EP - Yngmar - Vet Nord Dragon Knight | US/EP - Reloth Ur Fyr - Vet Dunmer Sorcerer
    US/DC - Muiredeach - Vet Breton Sorcerer | US/DC - Nachtrabe - Vet Orc Nightblade
    EU/DC - Dragol gro-Unglak - Vet Orc Dragon Knight | EU/DC - Targan al-Barkan - Vet Redguard Templar
    EU/DC - Wuthmir - Vet Nord Sorcerer | EU/DC - Kosh Ragotoro - Vet Khajiit Nightblade
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  • Mettaricana
    Stamina sorcerer
    I'm everything that doesn't belong in the pact but i'm there anyway...
  • Zimbugga
    Sorcerer is my main, but still Warden is my favorite class. They have so beautiful skills, and they are easy to make healer, DPS and tank. Okey, every class is easy to make every class too, but most easiest is Warden (my opinion).
  • monktoasty
    I always prefer magea best. But I'm play8ng a stamblade now and it's pretty fun
  • BigBadVolk
    BigBadVolk wrote: »
    the rest is for the nov 30-dec 06 event :D

    I should pay more attention. Which event?

    if you do a random normal you get a box which can contain everything from the crown store (even houses, and mostly those costumes, hairs, and such which were on sale up until dec 06) and these are per chars (and no duplicates like in crown crates)
    PC EU - Nightblade Masterclass - Member of the Four Digit CP club - Dark Elf Masterrace - Bring Back Dark Shaman - Wolf Rider
    Scissorz - Altmer Magblade
    Sirius Like the Star - Dunmer MagSorc
    Das Übermacht - Imperial MagDK
    Sturm Ünd Drang - Bosmer StamSorc
    Gödmöde - Argonian Magplar
    Terrör - Khajiit Stamblade
    Neptunes Wrath - Breton MagWard
    Wülfenstein - Redguard StamDK
    Resistanze is Futile - Orc Stamplar
    Act of Wâr - Nord StamWard
    Prøxima Centauri - Imperial DK Tank
    1 of every race, 2 of each class both Magicka and Stamina
  • DocFrost72
    I really like the unique feel of every class and have alts for everything, but I'd be lying if I said I could resist the allure of jabs and war machine feeding crescent.
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    Kevehk Silvershadow; Stamina Templar DPS.
    Lich Kitteh; Stamina Nightblade DPS.
    Kevin the Arcane; Magicka Sorceror Healer.
    Gadhendor Nightwood; Sorceror Tank.
    Nivek the Shadow; Stamina Nightblade Tank.
    Aeris Silverthorn; Templar Healer.
    Titus Morric Silverthorn; Dragonknight stam DPS.
    Syldraaendril Nightwood; Stamina Warden DPS.
    Tanks-For-Spanks; Argonian DK Tank.
    Sephy-Lemmy-Smash; Argonian Warden Tank.
    Sephy Paws; Khajiit Stamina Templar DPS.
    Nivek Silverthorn; Imperial Nightblade Healer.
    Lilisin Nightwood; Bosmer Warden Healer.
    Araenandriah Nightwood; Templar Hybrid DPS.


    Araenandríah Nightwood; Stamina Nightblade DPS.
    Araenándriah Nightwood; Meta Dragonknight Tank.
    Kevin Silverthorn: Leveling Templar Healer.
    Araenandríah Níghtwood; Stamina Warden DPS.
    Danron Veikruhnes; Stamina Templar 2H DPS.
    Syldraaendril Nightwood; Stamina Templar DPS.

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  • firedrgn
    Well I resisted mag sorc for years. I'm really having fun . love all the lighting its just so kewl. Oh and I cant play worth a turd so the shields keep me alive. I can solo most world bosses . not sayimg much but for me ot made the game less frustrating.
  • Ch4mpTW
    My main is a Sorcerer, although my most enjoyable class by far is Warden. Funny how inconsistent I may be at times.
    Solo Player
    Psijic Brotherhood GM
  • Robo_Hobo
    Magicka Nightblade and Stamina Sorcerer :)
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  • ZiRM
    #1 Magicka Nightblade
    #2 Magicka Sorcerer.
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  • Jaimeh
    It's hard to differentiate between 'favourite' and 'most familiar with'. I love my magsorc and my magplar, but that could be because I have played most with them. There are other classes I like though which could become favourites if I devoted more time to them.

    PC/NA CP720

    AD Nefelyn - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Master Angler ǀ Hero of all the things (fine, some of the things)
    DC Bastiene - Breton Templar - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Centurion
    AD Niobeh - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Master Thief ǀ Silencer (but we don’t talk about that)
    AD Ashayam - Khajiit Sorcerer - DD ǀ Stormproof
    DC Sydhe Narjes - Redguard Nightblade - DD ǀ Stormproof
    DC Eva Saint Claire - Breton Warden - Healer ǀ Stormproof
    EP Rruns-With-Scissors ­- Argonian Dragoknight - Tank ǀ He’s a good boy, Bront, OK?

    PC/NA <level 50

    DC Anur Imagua - Redguard Templar - DD
    EP Moiranni Deyr - Dunmer Dragonknight - DD

    PC/EU CP320

    AD Ariadne Nearil - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ Stormproof

    vSO HM · vAA · vHRC · vMOL · vAS · vDSA · vMA

    It's not zerging if we are all solo and just happen to go to the same place independently xD
  • KingYogi415
    Lord of the Vale Templar V16 Master Crafter VMA VDSA VAA
    Fancy Tiger of Cornwood Nightblade V8
    Zedd Zorander Fist Order Sorc V6
    Unreasonable Lobster DragonKnight V6
    Arya Stark MagBladeV4
    Thor Odinson PoisonKnight V2
  • SASChris
    Gotta love the nature and cold theme
  • LordGavus
    I'll go with sorcerer. I've mained one since launch and always play one is elder scrolls games.

    However warden has to be a close second. I've made 2 I really enjoy their abilities and theme.
  • DarcyMardin
    Templar, closely followed by warden.
  • Tranquil_Fairy
    :D Magicka Nightblade
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    Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature.
  • LukosCreyden
    I mostly play solo due to reasons. So, classes that can dish out damage and heal themselves are what I favor nowadays.

    Stamina sorcerer for the fast-paced gameplay and the near-invincibility you get. I also am in love with flurry skill and have been since my character first picked up a pair of swords, so that helps.

    Just started playing magsorc, which I love for essentially the same reasons, except this time with more near-invincibility and more pew pews.

    A lot of people say sorc is OP. I respectfully disagree. Sorc feels fun to play and is effective, it sets a standard that I feel some other classes have yet to meet.

    Stam Nightblade was my first class and I loved it, I just had difficulty staying alive.

    Templar is another favoured class of mine, I currently main one for pvp. Their self healing makes them great for soloing and I love how some of their skills look.

    I do currently have a stam dk, but for me, it feels like a weaker stam sorc with less surviveability. Yep.

    Warden is a cool class, but I do NOT like the animal friends skill tree. Summon a netch? Giant blue beam in your face! Main spammable? Throw birds at stuff! Delayed burst? Three bugs pop up then just sort of go away again. What? What even is that animation?
    Of course, this is just my opinion. There are a lot of people who love warden, which is great. I am just happy they gave us a new class/skills to play with. I just hope we don't have to wait too long for more.
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