*Updated* HOP Is Recruiting for End Game Core as well as Teaching Vet Trials!

Good Day,
I run a teaching training trials guild and we are recruiting for core. We need at least 3 end game DPS (core), a tank (backup) & healer (core) that are ready for vMOL & vHOF. We have our skin for vMOL, and are trying to start progression for vHOF. Must be available M & W 8:45 PM EST.

*Please note* - We appreciate flexibility on the core team with multiple characters and people that can do multiple roles. I would ideally love someone that can come in as a DPS but jump in to tank or heal if we got stuck.

We are also recruiting players that may not be ready for VMOL & VHOF, but are looking to do VHRC, VAA & VSO. We have a vet training trials night on Thursdays at 8:45 PM EST.
*Would really like a healer and tank that would like to learn the Craglorn trials that I will teach personally*

We are a very active tight knit guild that is very helpful. We don't have any egos or belittling because I won't tolerate it - but some friendly banter is always welcome.

We have a guild house with all the crafting stations and transmutation station as well as practice skeletons and several master crafters in the guild.

We use the Line App (free messaging app) for all of our communication which is REQUIRED.

I've been recruiting for months, and people come in talking a big game, can't put up the numbers and don't ever show up. Some will message once and then never again. Communication is key as is TEAMWORK. If you are not interested in being a part of a TEAM, don't bother replying. You will be one of 12, and need to be able to work with 12 people.

Please download the Line App (Messaging and Phone Calls) and send me a message. This will show me that you are serious and really looking for a team. Its also easier than Xbox Live to have a conversation. ID & GT: PaMiChiC

Looking forward to whatever chaos this will bring!

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  • pamichic
    ISO players that don't have commitment issues.

    Really ISO: Ranged DPS and Core healer.

    Going into the new trial this Sunday and then back to vMOL Monday.

    Send me a message!
  • xxxgetdeadxxx
    If your looking for a group of people that are fun, knowledgeable, and always willing to help, this is the guild for you! It doesn't matter if your part of the core team or not. If you need something then everyone is always willing to help! Whether it be farming, build input, rotation, or just doing quests! Someone will always help or have the info you need. Come join the party! We're always actively doing something!
  • LukosCreyden
    EDIT: wait, you are on xbox. rip.
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    Struggling to find a new class to call home.Please send help.
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