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2H / Bow Warden Viability?

Soul Shriven
Hey guys, I have recently come back to ESO after quite a few years and have roiled warden. Am struggling to find a build / guide for a 2h/ bow stamina build for PVP in theclass. Most stamina builds that I see are 2h / sword and shield. Are they not viable or am I just not looking hard enough. Any help would be appreciated!
  • Brrrofski
    They are viable.

    Most people use bow in PvP for major expedition. Warden get's it as a class skill, so most people don't run bow for that reason.
    Xbox One EU
  • wheem_ESO
    I've seen a couple of Stamina Wardens running bow/sniper builds in NA-PC Battlegrounds, but they're not as dangerous as the standard melee "bomb" builds with ridiculous burst damage. As @Brrrofski points out, Wardens get Major Expedition from a class ability (which also provides either Minor Berserk or Minor Evasion), so having a bow on the back bar isn't at all necessary.
  • Azurya
    and a bow is certainly no longer competitiv with other weapons due to all the nerfs to bow abilties
    every time some guy calls for a bow nerf cauze he got killed last night by a bow
    he gets it instantly, and without any discussion
    bow is not wanted, just as any stambuilds
    you better make yourself a magsorc, nothing as easy as the magsorc
    the only class that gets buffed every patch!

    frustrated? yes I am and with reason!
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    — Inscription found on an Argonian blade
  • Trinotops
    I personally run 2h and bow on my stamden. It has pretty good burst (about 5k wep damage max), decent sustain (about 1.8k stam regen unbuffed no cp), and good survivability for 7 medium (I assume you're going to run medium otherwise there is no reason to run bow.) Here is my build if you wanna copy it.

    2 bloodspawn (impen, max stamina)
    5 spriggans: 3 jewelry (2 wep damage 1 stam regen), 1 body (impen, max stamina), 1 greatsword (nirnhoned, prismatic)
    5 clever alchemist: 4 body (impen, max stam), 1 bow (infused, berserker)

    Shimmering shield
    Resolving vigor
    Ice fortress
    Sub assault (works better on bow bar)
    Healing thicket

    Rally (better burst heal than shrooms, although I sometimes wish I had the reliable major mending)
    Bull netch
    Wrecking blow (I perfer the empower)
    Reverse slice

    Mundus: Warrior
    Food: Dubious camoran throne

    Honestly the only reason I run bow is because it saves me a skill slot and I like having the ranged weapon proc. Also this is more of a gank build than anything. I try to just burst down squishy targets and dip because I usually run out of resources in prolonged fights, and wb spam doesn't work well against anyone with half a brain.
    Edited by Trinotops on October 30, 2017 3:14PM
  • Hecker777
    Personally I feel like bow is best used when using Asylum/Masters. I'm about to start testing Masters DW and Asylum Bow "Shotgun Build" as well as an Asylum 2H/Master Bow burst build. I'll post results somewhere once I get good test vids.
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