ZOS, put trials into LFG tool!!!

So this one has been to a trial lately, Aetherian Archive, normal, for the first time ever. khajiit died a lot of times, but still was fun.

So ZOS, could you please add trials into the LFG tool?

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  • grannas211
    That's a disaster in the making. I can see this for the craglorn trials maybe.
  • Runschei
    Normal mode of the Craglorn would be ok to add, but not adding all trials would also be weird. That's why they shouldn't add it.
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  • Huyen
    If its going to be as in WoW: no thanks!
    If its going to be a new concept, with people actually caring for tactics (wich arent that hard imo) then lets do it!

    Side-note: I dont think its gonna happen. People will troll / mess up like they do in the LFG already.
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  • Astrid_V
    Find a guild.
  • forwardbias83
    I encountered a bug before, but was like 2+ years ago. Was in the dungeon finder, but somehow ended up in a trial group, so I left the group. I had it set up for the daily random normal reward for some quick XP before I went to bed. But something bugged out and ended up in a trial. Don't remember which one it was, but ended up in a 12 person group instance. So I am guessing the code is within dungeon finder or at least it was to do that sort of function, there is just no way to select trials at the moment.
  • pod88kk
    Dps queuing as healers and tanks, no thank you
  • kessik221
    lol they can't even get the dungeon finding tool right and break it every god forsaken patch. Like really, this is supposed to be a AAA title, how the fark do they break the dungeon finder every patch.
  • kessik221
    what i wouldn't be opposed to is maybe some kind of listing option for trials\groups. Thats a major thing thats missing in this game especially for consoles were a lot of people are turned off by text chat (for some reason its to much work to get a mini usb for your controller or wireless to plug into the ps4\xbox.)
  • BuddyAces
    No. No. No. No. If I wasn't on my phone I'd copy paste No 100 times. A vast majority of the playerbase can not do certain vet dungeons. Tripling people only triples the troubles.
    They nerfed magsorcs so hard stamsorcs felt it,lol - Somber97866
  • NyassaV
    plz no
    i am stronk woman
    can Dunmer have more fire resist than Breton plz?
    I record thingies for fun and for info
  • Aliyavana
    Casuals would cry normal trials are too hard
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  • Iselin
    If the Trials get a new "training wheels" mode then yeah, maybe. Otherwise it's a disaster just waiting to happen and create moar dramas.
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  • sevomd69
    The beauty of the OP's suggestion is that if you don't want to do a PUG trial...YOU DON'T HAVE TO.... but I for one wouldn't mind this option...
  • zaria
    Iselin wrote: »
    If the Trials get a new "training wheels" mode then yeah, maybe. Otherwise it's a disaster just waiting to happen and create moar dramas.
    The normal craglorn trials is easy enough, MoL and HoF is harder and more mechanic.
    We are obviously talking normal trials here. Vet would be idiotic.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • SodanTok
    Whats with the people against this? Are you forced to do them or what? There is no harm in adding normal trials AND veteran dragon star arena to LFG. IF anything, it would create bigger interest in playing this content.
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  • Phage
    Add all the trials to Activity Finder.

    Normal Trials, CP req of 160.

    Veteran Trials, CP req of 320
    (or 400, or 500, really higher is better when putting together random groups)

    Just make sure its separate LFG from dungeons. I would use it, at least to fill in the last few slots in a Trials group.
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    PC-NA Goat
  • SoLooney
    lol, pugging trials, thats entertaining.

    I already see scrubs ruining dungeon queues going as a tank or healer when they are a dps.
    with a trial lfg, its gonna be 12 dps who dont know what they are doing and wiping to the first boss.

    if it does get implented, should only be craglorn normals
  • zaria
    Myyth wrote: »
    Yes please do!!!

    My heavy armor dragon knight bow/bow character named "The Snipemaster" cant wait to join your random trial group!!
    I promise I will stand as far away from the healer as possible!
    LOL, you can always roll dodge out of healing spring and into stupid.
    Saw one player did that with the warden forest ultimate.

    One benefit of trials is that the other DD can not see your dps.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • Insandros
    Takes sometimes an hour to get a group poping for a 4 men dungeon, can you imagine a 12 men?
  • Phage
    Insandros wrote: »
    Takes sometimes an hour to get a group poping for a 4 men dungeon, can you imagine a 12 men?

    Would take all day, and it would be glorious.
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  • Osteos
    Its a good idea.
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  • JamieAubrey

    Make it a separate group finder, I dont want to LFG for a dungeon and end up in a trial
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  • DPShiro
    MyKillv2.0 wrote: »
    Yeah. This is a great idea, can’t wait to pug vHoF with a pvp try hard magSorc who ques as a healer cause “we can just dps this place, I do it all the time”

    Yup, sounds fun

    This sums it up.

    And then poeple will whine and complain and content gets nerfed yet again
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  • WuffyCerulei
    Oh god, no, please no. Trials need a certain level of coordination, and vet trials are near impossible to pug. Groupfinder trials would just be slamming your head against the wall.
    Shield cast times are the worst idea ZOS combat developers have ever thought of.

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  • iiYuki
    Dont, please dont. WoW was ruined when they added LFR, dont make the same mistake.
    Go into your settings menu and check "Being *** at the Game" isn't ticked.
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  • Yngol
    People seem to forget that group finder did use to have a trials fuction.. unsurprisingly, no one ever used it
  • OutLaw_Nynx
    pod88kk wrote: »
    Dps queuing as healers and tanks, no thank you

  • pieratsos
    You guys do realise that you are not forced to pug vHOF right? If you use grouping tools to pug vHOF dont complain why a 2h light armor NB is listed as a tank. You knew what you were getting into.
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