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Trial bosses weapon/spell damage

The resists of all bosses were confirmed by 2h ultimate: 18 200, every damage dealer knows that. But what about their spell/weapon damage?

As a healer, I want to know those flat numbers just to check the performance of my mending/weakening. Both set and glyph have 882 damage reduction, but it DOESN'T mean that I reduce all incoming damage by 882.

My calculations during the boss fight in COA1 showed that this combinations mitigates nearly 30% of incoming damage, so the basical spell/weapon vet Boss damage is ~2300-2500, but I need more accurate numbers. Maybe someone has tested that? And do the trial Bosses have increased wpd/spd?
  • FakeFox
    NPCs only have weapon damage, that's why mending works. Mending and weakening reduce the incoming damage by a percent value that equals the percentage of the debuff in comparison the the NPCs weapon damage. More damage does not equal more weapon damage, so it changes a lot. There are also some attacks that can not be mitigated by weapon damage reduction.
    I don't think this system even allows accurate calculations of a bosses weapon damage, because there are to many variables you can't know.
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    vCR: 120847 (HM)
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