[EU-PC]Looking for PVP Guild (AD)

Soul Shriven
Trygdaer : Greetings to everyone who considered reading this thread,

I'm a CP 303 mWarden (AD) and active in BG and PvP-Campaigns. I play mostly on my Warden but I have a sNightblade and a mTemplar.
I've played the game back in 2015 but then I quit for some time. My estimated playtime is around a year.
If you're Guild has requirements, I can effort those.

So if you're a host of an AD PvP Guild, please consider inviting me to your guild.
IGN: @Trygdaer
Trygdaer (NB)
Master Crouwnos(Templar) (<-- I just noticed how awful that name sounds lol ^^)

Thanks and travel on,
  • Gelmir

    Lodge of Sorceresses is forming its PvP Core, so feel free to join us. Follow my signature to our forums and register there - after filling up your profile, we will have enough information to invite you and add you to our Core. Thanks, and see you ingame!
    ★ Lodge of Sorceresses [PC/EU] - LF Serious PvEers: Midgame to Endgame Growth! ★
    We NEED You! | Join Discord Server | Youtube Channel
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