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A guild for newer players

  • CoopstheCat
    Hi, Coopsthecat, invite would be great...very much a new player.
  • DynamicViper123
    Hey would love to join
    GT: DynamicViper123
  • Faintdegree
    Hi! I'd love to join GT is Faintdegree6773
  • Zombie_Eat_Cake
    Soul Shriven

    Could you add me, please?

    GT - DokiDokiZombie

    LVL 29 Wood Elf, assassin-type (more Magicka abilities, than Stamina)
    Edited by Zombie_Eat_Cake on March 27, 2018 4:13PM
    GT: DokiDokiZombie

    Xbox (EU Server)
    Dual Wield w/ Magicka Abilities.
  • justmotley
    Soul Shriven
    Yo I would love an invite please. GT - Justmotley

  • bill00
    Soul Shriven
    Would be interested if recruitment is still open lvl17 nightblade. Relatively casual player
    Gt is bill00
  • AussieNubblet
    Soul Shriven
    Hey would love an invite level 26 new the game,
    GT: AussieNubblet
  • R3NATO
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, would like very much to participate! Not exactly new, but i’ve stopped playing a long time ago. GT: R3NATOJESU
  • blackhairblonde_pl
    Soul Shriven
    I'm cp160 tank, but still a bit noobish, as I play mostly solo :p Would love to join!

    GT: blackhairblonde
  • laracrxft
    Hey! I’d love to join for trading lower level stuff, if that’s okay with you, I do not have a headset or keyboard for my xbox so the only way I can communicate is through crappy in-game keyboard, but I’m being honest I’m too shy for that kind of stiff anyways so if trading only is okay I’d really love to join

    Gamertag: laracrxft
  • Synetry
    Soul Shriven
    Perfect! My gamer tag is Synetry
  • landladyG
    Soul Shriven

    Hi would love to join too
  • szyszek666
    Inv pls. Gt: Evil Iron666 Pl
  • L1NGUS
    Soul Shriven
    Relatively a noob here, not a vast amount of experience other than quest lines

    GT: L1NGUS
  • tijntjepluis
    Soul Shriven
    Gamertag: tijntjepluis

    Hi, I've been playing solo for a while now. I'd love to join and finaly make use of the multiplayer part in mmo.
  • forbesman
    Yes please

    Gt: forbesman
  • Shintar
    Soul Shriven
    Please add

    GT: Shintar
  • imubia87
    Soul Shriven
    GT: L0bsterSmuggler
  • Bettlar
    Soul Shriven
    Experienced mature MMO player Looking for an active guild. Originally played ESO on PS4 on initial release and now playing again on XB1 EU server.
    GT: Bettlar Teel
  • geaston90
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! Can I join? new to xbox and eso although I played a little on ps.

    GT: GEaston
  • mixedd
    Soul Shriven
    New player seeking for knowledge to master this game
    GT: m1x3dd
  • Steeler195
    If you are still recruiting I would love an invite please

    GT: BiopticOyster26

  • karvu
    Hey there. Would love to join.
    GT: Karvu
  • adjamski
    Soul Shriven
    Looking to join a friendly casual guild. GT is Adjamski.

    Many Thanks.
  • Colgrim
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join as well

    GT: MoenchBrutalo7
  • baggyant
    Soul Shriven
    If I could join that would be great GT:Baggyant
  • davidtb1982
    Soul Shriven
    Is this thread still live, would love to join a guild as I’m struggling in game.

    Gamer tag; davidtb1982
  • MatrixZo
    Soul Shriven
    Would like to join too if possible

    GT is MatrixZo

  • stanlyy64
    Soul Shriven
    I´m pretty new in this game, started playing after christmas. So i would like to join if is it possible. Thank you, GT - StanlyM
  • NATEJJ871
    Soul Shriven
    GT: NATEJJ87 look forward to the invite
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