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A guild for newer players


After reading many many threads about how newbies (under C160) are not feeling included and also about how ESO isn't newbie friendly I decided to start a guild specifically for newer players.

Myself and my vice are experienced players and enjoy helping newer players with he basics of ESO, eg:
Crafting, levelling, build advice, dungeon mechanics, how to play your role etc.

We're on the Xbox EU server and welcome players from any alliance.

We currently have 21 members (I only started recruiting yesterday!) and plan to expand.

If you'd like to join please comment your gamertag so I can send you an invite :)
  • Fidget
    "If you got lock problems...I feel bad for you son...I got 99 picks, but I just need one."
  • Swillox28071990
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'd be glad to join. Gt: I FurryFiend I
  • Tobygingecash17
    Soul Shriven
    Yes please need a lot of help and learning thanks GT: N0VA x TRIICKz
  • Triple22
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Triple22

    New a friendly guild to help get started and help others! can't stand guilds who are too proud of themselves to help new players who will assist them in future!
  • Welshman1960
    GT: TheElchemist sign me up guys please
  • cleanupspace
    Soul Shriven
    GT cleanupspace

    would like invite please
  • sheepdog64
    Soul Shriven
    Would appreciate any help I can get.

    GT: matteus588

  • jdrmorgan1
    Soul Shriven
    Gt: blazingginge
    Would love to join a guild. Used to play on pc from day 1
  • Nintenzo
    Soul Shriven
    I would really like to be apart of your guild (new player here)

    GT: Nintenzo64
  • KitiaraM
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I'm a new players as well and I'm looking for a guild!

    GT: Lauralanthala
  • Umarx4
    Soul Shriven
    Could I join your guild : GT : Umziex
    New to EU Xbox ESO after a long break from EU PS4.
    Starting over to play with friends and find a community.
  • Sparr0w
    zR Sparrow

    No rush on the invite, need to leave on of my trading guilds first :smile:
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
    Xbox (EU) - l Sparrow x | CP 810+
    DD: All Mag + Stam
    Heal: Templar | Sorc | NB | Warden | Necro
    Tank: NB | DK | Warden
    Completions: All HM's + TTT + IR + GH
    PC (EU) - Sparrxw | CP 810+
    DD: All Mag + Stam
    Heal: Templar | Sorc
    Tank: DK | NB
    Completions: All HM's + TTT + IR + GH + GS
  • Vandalious
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, would really appreciate it if you invited me :)

    GT: ghostxch40s
  • FarDamgaard
    Soul Shriven
    Would appreciate an invite

    GT: FarDamgaard
  • EuclioAntonite
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite please? Gamer tag is EuclioAntonite
  • Rotis
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join your guild.
    GT: Freppakovic
  • Krasendo
    Soul Shriven
    I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
    Edited by Krasendo on December 24, 2017 8:52PM
  • HerculesGL
    GT Jst2 i Savage i
    Looking for a guild
  • Guvenc29
    Soul Shriven
    GT: VenturousSet358
  • MetalWADEheavy9
    Soul Shriven
    Gamertag: MetalWADEheavy9

    Hi everyone! I'm from the Spain and a player since day fourth
    I'd like to have fun and enjoy this game, thank you for your help!
  • Stephen1508
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Stephen1508
  • ruaanvanzyl
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Ruaan van Zyl
  • coffesvenssonb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join t if u guys are na still around.. I have been on and off since launch on pc but never done end game content. Just dinged cp 160 on the xbox and would like to have some peeps to grind with. Ziniztr is my gamer tag
  • mickserwillo
    Soul Shriven
    Gt: NippyNord
  • mickserwillo
    Soul Shriven
    Gt: superfish1...please add me
  • J_Wheatley19
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join :smiley: GT: ITzMyrro
  • MTSHxPreacher
    Would like to join. GT: MTSHx Preacher
  • Kuru999
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds good, I kinda know what I'm doing but advice is always welcome
    GT H4Z3Y94
  • GritBiscuit
    Soul Shriven
    Help and advice for this Noob would be great!

    GT - BusyUnicorn2738
  • TheMuffinMan
    Hi, another player looking to join, please.

    Not new to the game (played on pc for 3 years) but newish to Xbox so would be good to have people to run low-level content with

    GamerTag: grumpymuffin79

    Note: I don't have voice chat. I can listen to audio but don't play in an environment where I can use voice chat to communicate back. Have a keyboard plugged in so can communicate that way. Hope that's ok?
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