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I have always found some of the UI screen unclear in ESO. For example when you look at the guilds you belong to you have to choose the guild you want first, and the proceed. In the bank, however, you choose Guild Bank and then you are into the most recent Guild you used. The screen is the same as it would be for any of your Guilds but for the hard-to-notice name in the bottom corner.

I deposited 1.8 million coin in the wrong Guil bank. It was meant for my own Guild, for a bid. I contacted the guild leader and he said he would Return it minus 20% (360k), I said it was a simple mistake and that it appeared he was taking advantage of my situation. I asked if he could explain the reasoning. He replied it would stop me doing this again.

I don't think this is the reason and it doesn't work anyway, I accidentally left my own guild when I was trying to sign-out once. He is clearly taking advantage as I see it. I asked for 1.775mil back and said he could keep 25k as an "incovenience" charge but he left all communication and has sent nothing. I believe he means to keep it all.... because he can!

I imagine some of you are thinking that it serves me right for pushing a button on the wrong screen. Some of you may feel I should have excepted the 20% loss. Some may side with me that good business is to return the coin. I have pumped 500k as a member into this guild anyway. It recently got taken over by moneybags players who "mafia-run" several PS4 guilds.

I'm more interested in hearing if I can claim anything via ESO, the game. Can Xenimax help me? Do they want to know about these things? Is there anyone who knows my next step? How should I proceed?

Thanks for Your help.

  • Johnfred24
    Sounds like the guild owner of the other guild is a major ***, but unfortunately I don't think there is much you can do about it. When you do big transactions like that you should always double check.
  • RobbieRocket
    I appreciate your comment a lot.

    I do major transactions too often, that's part of the problem. Of course I blame myself for my error - that it left the situation out of my hands. But I am sure the game is not intended in this way, to have things hang on the meaness of others over a mistake. You can lock your items, have a cooldown on improving, etc. You even have a double-press to confirm a trade. It sucks, but I had hoped that Xenimax would be interested in these things.
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