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New Light Armour Sets

Have enjoyed trying new light armour sets that are part of clockwork city - Upgraded all to Legendary but in the end still prefer my 5 piece legendary Necromancer set with Grothdarr Heavy Head and Medium Shoulder - 10k more Magicka
  • Morgul667
    Necropotence ?
  • ajm1946
    Oops Typo, yep mean Necropotence
  • SirMewser
    The max tinker set is fun, the fabricant looks cool, the attack animation looks alright, the impact on targets looks hilarious as they go flying into the air.

    Some problems is that I don't see any damage values appearing when it hits targets (but their health clearly goes down), the path it takes is linear so it does not turn towards moving targets (bad for pvp), and the fabricant stops early when colliding close to walls/tall objects.

    Personally will try to incorporate it into my build, it's been a while since I've added something new to my guy so I'm excited, not too fond of the 2nd and 3rd spell damage bonuses but worth trying (4th is max magic).
    Edited by SirMewser on October 1, 2017 3:41AM
  • Baconlad
    Would be neat if they made it act like warden shalk skill, make the proc roll in the direction you are looking when it procs instead of at a targets location when it procced since it seems to have a delay...horrible in pvp, probably neat in pve though. Wondering if it will be better than my overwhelming surge
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