Warning all guilds about a player

A guy called 'bmtj4' joined my guild, he messaged me telling me he was bullied in his last guild and said they where basically evil, I told him we would look after him, myself and a lot of my guildies are female and he found me on facebook and messaged me CONSTANTLY to the point it was literally weird, he was constantly whispering me and the other girls and being extremely rude in guild chat if we didn't reply straight away, we all gave him so much armour, gold, advice, mats etc. Not once did he repay the favour or even donate to guild bank though he had full access, he really upset one girl and when told to leave her alone turned very nasty, he left my guild last night and has continued to bombard me and 2 other girls with malicious messages (we have now had to block him) he also stole 15k from another person in the guild, this guy is poison stay away!
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    in b4 lock - and noted.
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  • Glockcoma725
    Unfortunately your not allowed to name drop players, regardless of their heinous activity. I'm not sure if a trouble ticket would be the correct course here either. Anyone know where they can go to file a report for in game harrassment?
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    Hi all,

    We're closing this thread as it is in violation of our naming and shaming policy. You can report a player for misconduct here and follow the necessary steps for your platform.

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