Experienced Healer/Tanker LF Trials Guild for vMoL Opportunities

Let me tell you a bit about my current game experience in end-game content and with end-game raiding "guilds". And this is a story that many other players share and I've been very candid about this subject to many people.

But here is a TLDR -- Looking for Guild that is fair in giving people opportunities with End Game Trial content. Willing to try out and willing to learn. Would like to participate in Craglorn HM clears and vMoL clears. Also a Master Crafter, all current available non-crown store styles.

First and foremost, I started playing this game during the exclusive pre-release and was VR1 on the official launch of the game. I quit once I reached VR12 because the game was lacking and unbalanced from both a PvE and PvP perspective and real life took a lot of time (but I made a lot of money). Two years later as of this past May I fell in love with the game again and grinded my way up to the low 600s CP and I'm eagerly waiting for Clockwork City DLC.

For end game experience, I've cleared vHRC (Main), vAA, vSO HM (as both main and off-tank) and up to the Twins in vMoL as a Tanker. My experience with vHRC is bitter sweet because I died multiple times to The Warrior in the completion due to a lack of support from my healers during channeled sweeps nor did we chose to have an off-tank to Guard (rookie progression group and my own lack of experience at the time). I have finished up to Stage 7 in vDSA as a tank earlier in my tanking career but stopped because of a poor build and never attempted as a tank again for some reason (mainly because other people preferred to tank). For gear (all Gold, except one), I can utilize Ebon Armory, Roar of Alkosh, The Dragon, Plague Doctor, Green Pact and Powerful Assault in multiple combinations and I also have Lord Warden, Bloodpsawn and Mighty Chudan as monster sets. As a Healer (main toon), I have completed vAA, vHRC (also attempted a HM) and vSO HM. Never attempted vDSA as a healer due to other taking the healer spot. For gear (all Gold except some jewelry), I have full Spell Power Cure as a base and I can switch between Mending, Sanctuary and Worm. Currently lack Master Staff as successful vDSA attempts did not procure one or selfish "guild mates" kept the drop for themselves (despite not being healers as their main role). As a DPS, I have completed vAA, vSO HM and vDSA. I do not advertise myself as a DPS because I cannot pull the numbers, though I can pull 30k DPS self buffed on a 6mil target as both a Stam Sorc (no vMA bow) and Mag Pet Sorc (5 Necro, 4 IA, 2 Ilambris). Also not maximum CP so could potentially pull more numbers but I don't care about that.

Now to the meat and potatoes of this post. It's full of sour grapes. The reason I'm looking for another trial guild is because the opportunities that I get to actually do Veteran Trials content is few and far between or there are issues with some of the leadership in those guilds or organization that really rises the saline content. With the exception of vAAs, all my Veteran Trial clears were tough slogs involving a lot of mistakes on everyone's part and people not doing their job, not performing their job properly or lack of leadership. And I won't single any particular role(s) out because I made mistakes, also -- but I learned from them. In one guild we have solid leadership (one of which is myself), but the lack of guild member participation for our progression team is severely lacking and disheartening to the point that the leadership (again, one of which is myself) are looking elsewhere for opportunities. And I did find some opportunities elsewhere, but then we get to the salty portion of this box of text. There are guilds out there in which the leadership is abysmal and their goals are way out of the boundaries of what they as a guild could achieve. They run progressions for the most recent end game Veteran content, but they have not -- as a Guild -- completed Craglorn Hard Mode content with a positive Vitality Bonus, nor have they made efforts -- as a Guild -- to help get their auxiliary players up to speed and experienced in said content. What gripes me the most is that when they hit road blocks in their progression and people have to bow out after being in a trial for hours, they look outside the guild first for help instead of looking within their own walls for people to step up and fill in spots. Despite having hungry inexperienced players chomping at the bit to take a progression spot from someone, they use friend contacts to bring in ringers from some of the top raiding guilds to get a completion and feel excited about their clear and being carried by top players instead of doing it on their own. Then there is when leadership posts up a sign-up for an upcoming trial and you and several others are the first to sign-up. Boom, you're in and that should be the end of it. Then someone else within leadership decides to make changes and the sign-ups start all over again and your original efforts are for naught. They want their "Core" people but those same "Core" people can fill ANY of the open roles to give others opportunities to their their stuff in a progression group. And when it comes down to crunch time the sign-up has a bunch of names you never seen before, some of which who are not even in the guild. Spots that could have went to people who DID sign up and could have filled those spots if leadership was willing to do their members a solid. And of course, when they did fail and people had to leave, they call in outside players to again fill in spots that guild members could have taken. Then those same players suddenly appear on the guild members list.

And I apologize to people who read through this up to this point. I'm just a man telling his story and his frustrations with a portion of the end game community in ESO. I always seem to find more of the bad than any of the good in end game. I'm not a saint by any chance and I know I've been an *** to people, but I also am willing to take up a leadership role when clearly leadership is lacking. And that throws people off in a negative way, I guess. But I tell it how it is and what I see from my point of view. And from what I see is that the opportunities I get in ESO End Game is few and far between and that there is heavy favoritism within that community, especially the smaller Guild communities who have Core Teams who seem to have all the same people intertwining, or players from Top Guilds (such as Nightfighters, and I apologize to anyone from that guild reading this but it is in fact true and it rubs people the wrong way) taking spots in lesser raid guilds to give themselves more opportunities while taking away from the less experienced guys.

All I want to do in this damn game (at this point), is complete Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj as a Tank and a Healer. In truth, I could give a rats ass about the skin. And I want to do it as Tank or Healer because I DO NOT want to be carried to the completion (like many people I know). You have to put in work as a tank and healer or the trial group will fail, unlike a low output DPS who can be hidden within the shadows of top end DPS players. I'm willing to put in the work if people are willing to give me the opportunity, and an opportunity is all that I'm asking.
Hibiki the White Mage - Altmer|Templar Healer (main)
Hibiki the Warrior - Imperial|Dragonknight Tank
Hibiki the Red Mage - Redguard|Stamina Sorceress DD
Hibiki the Black Mage - Altmer|Magicka Pet Sorceress DD
Hibiki the Summoner - Breton|Warden Healer
Hibiki the Thief - Bosmer|Stamina Nightblade PvP
Hibiki the Knight - Nord|Stamina Templar DD
Hibiki the Dragoon - Reguard|Stamina Dragonknight DD
Hibiki the Onion Knight - Dunmer|Sorceress Tank
Hibiki the Holy Knight - Altmer|Magicka Templar DD
Hibiki the Geomancer - Altmer|Dragonknight Tank
Hibiki the Ninja - Imperial|Nightblade Tank
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