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Love khajiit? Want to RP? Check this out!!!!

Hey I am trying to start a role play guild. If that interests you keep reading. I would prefer this to be an all khajiit guild and for them to have completely black fur since it is a theif/assassin organization. And an actual rp name. I will help you level you rp characters up and help you get any of the required gear (Make gear to match group and help get dyes to match.) One more thing before we get started, if you're a guy rp as a guy please it gets weird if you rp a girl and have a super deep voice. Now if you're still interested there are five classes, I take the role of medium 1. The other four are up for grabs.
<Back story>
We will be called The Kodeshi (the shadows) a secret society, taking contracts (Death notes) from the fountain of Dro'Sakhar to bring the powerful to their knees with a blade, turn the wealthy into beggers, frame them for murder or forge documents to turn the tides in war.
~Roles can use medium, heavy, or light armor just have costume of corisponding to the role (prefer Neidc armor costume.
[Heavy] - (berserker) his size and sear strength are all he needs. When his allies are in need he jumps in to the massacre and covers the retreat and cuts down the enemy where they stand.
-Weapons- Great sword/ axe 1h and shelid
[Medium] 1- (lead) he's cunning, a sweet talking silver tounged snake. Stealthy and precise. He leads his team to riches and glory. Skilled with axes and bows.
[Medium 2] - (banshee)- he is a fast blood thirsty phsyco path. Stealth and speed make him a force to be reckoned with taking out his foes in stacks leaving behind menced bodies and pools of blood.
-Weapons- dual sowrds and bow

[Medium 3] (Overwatch) he/she uses her/his small size to sneak on the side or find a high rise to over see the fight and snipe/ worn team of threats. His/Her bow is laced with the deadliest poison known to man and mer.
-Weapons- bow/daggers

[Light] - (the shade) with her slight of hand, lock picking and invisibility skills she moves unseen and unheard killing with silence and stealing anything and everything. -Weapons- destro/swords and resto
If interested post on here and message me, GT COSMiC HEIGHTS
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