Looking for an active guild

I am cp 350 stam dk. I am looking to find a guild that is actually active. Especially with how it seems these past 2 weeks things seem to have died in general. I am in dungeon finder for 4 hrs for a single daily when before it took an hr or hr and half to finish all 3 dailies using the finder. Would be a big bonus if there is a master crafter that knows more of the newer styles. Lol i am having to learn everything on my own and craft it, it is getting annoying having to research traits and motifs on my own just to get a set lol.
What I am wanting to do is occasional pvp, both cyro and bgs. Along with dungeons and trials. Not looking to min max and go hard into vet trials really. I play a build I like which isn't maximised but I can pull 22k dps with no pots or ultimates. So a fun, active, casual friendly guild that hasn't been killed by destiny 2 lol. Would prefer if you were DC, for PvP purposes.
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