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Aedric Wrath!! No Dues! We might be the social guild you've been looking for!

Aedric Wrath might be the ESO community that you're looking for!

We started out with just a handful of friends and we had one simple rule: Only invite people to the guild that you enjoy playing ESO with! From there our little guild has been steadily growing into a community (around 250 players) with a focus on being social and helping each other. We recognize that ESO is a game that you play to have fun and enjoy during your "me time"! We strive to keep our community drama free, troll free, and elitist free. We want to enhance our enjoyment of the game through our community. We treat one another with respect regardless of experience level because we were all new to the game at one point. Does Aedric Wrath have a trader? NOPE! Our focus is on being social but we can always recommend some great trading guilds for you. Does Aedric Wrath have a "guild hall" with a banker, merchant, crafting stations, target dummies, etc. etc.? Yes but don't let that be a primary selling point for you. :) Think of it as a side benefit to our awesome community! Do we ever charge any kind of dues? NOPE!

A little more about us:

• Our goal is not to reach 500 members ASAP. Our membership has always been about quality over quantity.
• We keep our Guild Chat 1 clean as to maintain an environment that is welcoming and friendly to all players. Our other chat channels may be "dungeon runs" or "free for all".
• We LOVE participation. That is what a social guild is all about! Grab your headset and join in the conversation!
• We have something for everyone. Want to run dungeons? Trials? PVP? Vet content? Are you an Elder Scrolls Lore junky? Just ask around and find a fellow guild member to run with!
• Starting today we are moving from the Discord app to the BAND app so look us up on BAND if you want an invite and to get in on the ground floor with BAND.
• We have liberal guild bank access. We think of our guild bank as a big community chest that is there to help everyone.
• NO Dues! The ONLY thing we ever ask for is your participation! Be active!

How do you know if our community has been the missing part of your ESO life?

• You're an adult and want to hang out with other adults and chat while you play.
• You enjoy helping others and making the community stronger by doing so.
• You're looking for a drama free, troll free, elitist free zone where you can simply enjoy the game content with others and have fun!
• You can relate to some (or maybe too much) of the song "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al Yankovic.
• You don't feel compelled to drop an F-bomb 4 times in a single sentence because you're intelligent and your vocabulary affords you other ways to creatively express yourself.

So now what?

If this still sounds good and you'd like to become a part of our growing family in Aedric Wrath you can message BizTalkBunker via Xbox or in game. You can also search for Aedric Wrath on BAND to find us and we'll get a guild invite to you.
XBNA || Gamertag: BizTalkBunker || Guild: Aedric Wrath ||
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