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660 Healer Looking for an AM Trials Guild! normal or vetran runs!

Hi everyone!

Im in the search of a good group of people to run trials with.

I Main a Warden healer for trials. Spellpower and Twilight remedy.

and Have a mostly bis Magsorc and a fully bis magdk for dps. (Im a better healer lol)

I have been playing since the first laggy few hours of console launch. Had many guilds and completed all the content for the most part.

but even though Ive done all the trials (some more then others) People come and go groups only run certain times or move on to bigger and better things, and it has been an issue to find a group of people to stay with and run trials often enough to get gear and lots of practice!

Ive farmed for ages to get all the gear I have but its all from dungeons and open world.

The next best step to take is get into a guild that runs trials regularly so that i can continue to farm good gear (Im especially after master architect)

I am pretty good at learning mechanics as well as listening and following directions.

If you have a Trials guild that has an opening I would love to talk and group up in game!

I play from around 7am to noon west coast time.

and I would be totally down with normal or vetran. Its nice to have the good people together to run normal trials for gear a few times over.

Hope to hear from some people! Rngeesus be with you! :)
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