Bluewater Corporation new PVE/PVP guild looking for members NO DUES still recruiting

Soul Shriven
Bluewater Corporation is a brand new guild, We want to establish a guild that is focused on a little bit of everything,
but we will be putting more time into the crafting and trading end of things. We are seeking active members who will sell
on the guild store once we are big enough, group up for exploration, sky shard runs, delves and dungeons, We are looking for
all levels of players, but mostly players who have a sense of community and are willing to help their guild mates out when
they need it. We are also looking for players for pvp who want to group up and play the objective.

We want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to participate so there are no weekly dues, and we will sustain ourselves
from donations and guild trader revenue.

If you prefer solo play, that's no problem! You're welcome too! You can play on your own and use our trader to sell your spoils!
Join us and be part of a community not forcing you to pay but just asking you to have fun with the other members!!

My gamer-tag is crazygun1332, you can message me in game or respond to this thread and i will send you an invite
I play most evenings and always in game on the weekends
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  • crazygun1332
    Soul Shriven
    Still recruiting message me in game "crazygun1332"
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