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Art team - New books are extremely hard to read

Yes yes, far less important than other things, but I want to get it out there for a change of pace. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Most stone slab-type readings that existed in the game prior to Update 16 were on a large plaque, not something that looks like a book. They also contained fairly brief messages.

While I appreciate the art team for making new books - the moving bookshelves are bomb, by the way - the new texture combined with the volume of the text is eye-straining. There's also spacing issues due to the narrow space allotted for the text, so you'll end up with something like


(I can provide a screenshot when I get home, but since the template didn't have Eidetic Memory I have to hunt for an offending book again.)

There's also not enough contrast between the text and the background - it's black on gray. It's pretty hard to read. My suggestion is either bezel the text or lighten the stone texture. If you could also shrink the text by one font size, that would be great for having more content on the page. As it is, it seems like everyone in the Clockwork City can only consume Tweet-sized pages of information.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you consider this! (:
  • ShadowHvo
    I agree competely, the new metal plates with texts on are -very- difficult to read.

    While the concept is cool and quite unique, certainly very interesting involving the entire Clockwork City, I would be a vast improvement if the text was made more readable on these 'plates'
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Thanks guys! We're looking into how we can make these easier to read.
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  • rhapsodious
    <3 luv ya Gina and nameless devs looking into it.

  • SirAxen
    I can definitely see where some people would have a tough time reading those. Indeed. I could read them fine but internally I was like 'I bet some people have trouble making this out...."
  • anitajoneb17_ESO
    I second that. I'll add that it's very uncomfortable to read all caps. Maybe it's just me...
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Agree with this! I would also like to add that the random pits and scratches in the metal are easily mistaken for periods and commas, which given that the size difference between the all-caps normal letters and the all-caps capital letters is minimal, makes it worse. Could you adjust the font so there is a little more size difference between the two?
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  • rhapsodious
    YOU GUYS DO LISTEN <333333


    This is so much easier to read. @ZOS_GinaBruno pretty please pass my thanks along to the appropriate team?
  • Ashtaris
    The books are still too hard to read, even after the latest changes on the PTS. Granted, I'm a older player and don't have the best eyesight in the world, but don't have any issues reading the books in the rest of Tamriel. Black text on a gray background is just too hard to read. It might help if they used a bold font, or increased the font size slightly.
  • Avran_Sylt
    Would it be possible for books (in general) to be zoomed in upon, similar to that of a the map? I think that would help for people having a difficult time reading the font.
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  • LMar
    They are easier to read now but i think they would look better if the font was a little larger. Seems odd to have such a small font on large metal plates with so much empty space
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