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• PC/Mac: No NA megaserver maintenance – April 3
• PC/Mac: EU megaserver for maintenance – April 3, 8:00PM EDT (April 4, 00:00 UTC) – April 4, 10:00AM EDT (14:00 UTC)

Adventurers! Gather around to hear of an opportunity like no other!

CheezyGang needs you,

I have recently seen many different, and well known guilds throughout Tamriel that have blown me away! I love the community aspect that a guild creates by bringing its members together. I want to start this guild in order to give any player a place to call a home guild. Whether you are a new player looking for tips and tricks or an experienced adventurer looking to spread your wisdom, all are welcome in the up and coming Guild CheezyGang! Our goal is to make CG a Guild people strive to be in. I believe that in time and with enough dedication we can create an empire of our own! A guild gathers it's strength from each and every member, and the community they create. Thank you.


Few side notes:
1.) We have a Guild Hall for members
2.) Suggestions of any kind are welcome!
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